Russell Westbrook & James Harden MEGAMIX!!! Best Plays of 2016-2017

Russell Westbrook & James Harden face off on a Sunday afternoon on ABC! Check out the best plays from both players’ incredible seasons!


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  1. fuck you nba you know dam well kawhi need to get the mvp for two reasons

    1.okc not in the top 2 sry russ I love u but still

    2.harden have no defense correct me if im wrong but the mvp need to have defense no? curry won last two years but you seen how he shooting

  2. People saying Russ is stat padding . So what Russ has to do to win ? You need to score assist and rebound to win . If Russ is not doing what he doing now OKC would be in the Lottery. People think its so easy to get a triple double , this is not 2k

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