Rick Ross Explains Why He Warned Meek Mill About Nicki Minaj

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  1. I can't have someone like DJ Envy as a friend. Sometimes it may backfire but as a friend, will still tell them although may not give graphic details but will warn them nonetheless!!

  2. these mmg niggas are straight hoes what up with that fade meeka yo girl gunplay got smashed up it's ur turn n take that fat night with you ol i warn meek about Nicki fat ass nigga

  3. OMG there was a girl whom all the girls would hate when she got a bf because they where are assholes. We would point it out and she wouldn't see it or say you don't understand his humor. The only reason the guy wanted to get with her is because they wanted sex. Her and this one girl whom both dated the same guy had a feud for a decade about the guy that neither one of them ended up with in the long run.

  4. Do y'all think maybe Nicki is really fucking these rappers on the low? Like what if her image is to be a girl who's hard to chase but she's really not? What if Gucci was right about him and waka smashing? I'm high right now btw…

  5. Nicki just a rat with money! Ricky despite his past still doing his thing & meek still going crazy on the tracks lol y'all hating is what keeps them poppin! Y'all make them the trending topics! A bunch of hams & lames

  6. Rick Ross is a boss for holding his bro Down thru his drought . not everything that looks good ain't … meek star stuck on Nicki and she using and downgrading him

  7. Everyone is saying what about Lira when he picked her but Lira isn't big as Nicki… also, I think Ross know he could take an L and be good verses Meek taking a L. I warn people people beforehand but once someone is in a relationship or serious i don't say anything and there's only 1 warning… if it's life threatening I might give a 2nd warning.

  8. envy is way straight manning your business is the best you can do….but simultaneously you got to warn if you see the person going downhill straight to hell while you can redirect him to heaven….y'all right just gotta know when to say and when not to say…

  9. meek millz probably fucked lira galore first cause shit she was sitting on his lap at a strip club back when then meek millz warned rick ross warned first not to marry a young stripper who gave him a lap dance smh so ross most likely was bitter and wanted meek and nicki relationship to fail realshit ross was going thru a break up so he probably wanted meek to go thru one also for extra comfort

  10. That's what's wrong with people they need to mind they damn business because when you get involved you become a hater your only concern is yourself remember that…..

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