MoneyBagg Yo Reflects On Sleeping On The Floor Before His Success and Shares Advice For Others

* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content *

Memphis rapper and Bread Gang/Nless Ent/CMG member, MoneyBagg Yo, sits down with DJ Smallz and reflects on his sleeping on the floor before his success and shares advice for others.

What do you think about Yo’s ordeal? Can you relate? Sound off by posting a comment below.

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  1. Im confused?….I thought these niggas was trappin before rappin….getting a lot money. Smh. My cousin used to trap and he had a benz and taking trips to vegas…what type of TRAPPiNg these niggas doing…smh Bro Just Say "I Sold Weed" and be thru with it smh

  2. I listen and fucks with moneybagg music like shit but I do recall this nigga saying I had money before rap but now just last year he was sleeping on the floor, now its clear why he signed with Gotti that nigga was trying get out of that fucked up situation he was in and had to go get that bag I aint mad at em for that

  3. …He slowly but surely became my favorite rap artist, and for the record I'm a artist. MoneyBagg Yo is authentic and he's honest that's something money can't buy

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