Kyrie Irving’s Best Career Clutch Shots!

On Kyrie’s 25th birthday, check out some of the clutchest moments from Kyrie Irving’s career!


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  1. Think about this. In just 6 seasons he has a 14min video of nothing but his clutch shots. By the end of his career he's gonna have a 30-40min vid of nothing but clutch shots 😂

  2. I think that Kyrie probably has the most fun in the NBA he is one of the best ball handlers and shooters in the league and him being able to dribble basically anywhere he wants in the court at anytime and finish the layup would just be tons of fun in my opinion

  3. This is what we need in the city. He would be the King of NY. He'd instantly be the best PG NY has ever had since Clyde & Earl the pearl. No disrespect to Melo but Kyrie is a young superstar in his prime, Melo is a declining star he aint clutch no more. He's gotta go! Come home KYRIE.

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