“You robbing the bank because it’s easy money…I think this is more of a money stunt on McGregor’s behalf…boxing is totally different…it’s a sweet science…this is 12 rounds on your feet strategizing,” stated heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, who shared his thoughts on the potential showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Check it out!


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  1. why are u even asking anyone about this dumb bullshit, everyone in the world knows floyd will destroy him in boxing rules only, it's fukin stupid, a waste of time, ,

  2. Boxing is art but MMA is not? Is the fucker crazy? I like to see Wilder trying to throw a roundhouse kick without tearing his thigh muscles or doing a flying armbar from the thai clinch. Wilder is so ignorant its almost unbelievable.

  3. Mayweather will make McGregor look like a fool a boxer against a street fighter in the boxing ring and boxing rules, there's only one outcome and if the odds are good enough I'm putting everything on Mayweather to win by knock out, its easy pickings
    Show me some mother fucking money bitch

  4. LISTEN! I'm a martial artist and conner is going to have angles and rhythms the Floyd won't have an answer for….. I'm betting a $100.00 on Mcgregor and then you can call me "Money" Lol!

  5. This big fuck nigga retarded as fuck. wilder you big bitch ass nigga go in an mma gym and get humbled fuck ass nigga. id humble your sorry black ass. jiujitsu is a science, so is wrestling, so is muaythai. u know shit

  6. Find it weird how that ppl get off the subject of the video just to say "Wilder ain't fought nobody". I mean…. His so called "test" couldn't even pass the "test" sooooo….. Whatever, guys😂😂🙌


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