Safaree Claims Nicki Minaj DIdn’t pay him a Dime for his writing on Pink Print.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Safaree Claiming Nicki Minaj DIdn’t pay him a Dime for his writing on Pink Print.
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  1. Now this mutha fucker is definitely lieing on this one. Is actually pretty much public record he did get paid for these albums when with Nickki because that's where he pretty much got all his money from and the only reason why he was iced the fuck out before and after they broke up. He's still making some money now and trying to do his own thing now but before they split that's where he was getting all his money. He worked for it but he definitely got paid

  2. Safari, Meek mill, Lil Wayne, and drake need to have a seat. All of them in the mix because of one girl. The girl who got bad butt implants because she didn't like what god gave her. Smh

  3. Monster was definitely not nicki, shit sounded like kanye. Also you can tell Safaree is holding back and still has respeck for her. The nigga knows the cougars whole family and they love him. He probably holding back for them more than her at this point. You can tell he slowly getting to a point where he gon let everything out. I'm talking nudes etc etc too. Nicki stay throwing shots at him, he getting tired of that shit.

  4. 1st of All Akademiks, He Been drop the lawsuit last year. You didnt get that info doe. And listen to yourself when you speak about Safaree. You said he is bitter bc she move on and she has a successful career. Akademiks, Her Career Is Safaree Career You dumb ass!!! And he dumbed her, not the other way around. Remeber she was crying on the radio and writing 17 tweets towards him about him being on love and hiphop!! you dont remenber that doe. She the most hurt bc she knew her career was going on ice. Which it has for the last 2 years!! The most sad part of it all, is that her fan base (Barbz) are living a lie!! They really dont know they are Safaree fan base! But yea, get your facts right Akademiks. Safaree, I wish you the best in your career and more life. and dont worry about Akademiks because he might not know, but GOD does. You will be rewarded. Nicki will reps what she sows. You might not be able to see Karma get her BUT IT WILL.

  5. All Drake's ghost writers have shit going on, they all getting money and doing things.
    But Safaree is struggling like hell. Probably because he is a shitty rapper who can't write rhymes.
    Let's keep it real, Safaree is a simple nigga

  6. For whatever reason, I have no sympathy for Safaree. She held you down for over a decade. She put you on the "map" — she's the reason why anyone even knows who he is. Y'all are both adults. Sit down, talk, figure out some numbers, and move on from this. Simple as that.

  7. Dont talk down on Safaree man,he trusted her,its sad how these things happen,but it aint really his fault,but i can say if youre gonna leave someone like that,and they a asshole and wont give your your rightful money,get the paperwork right first ><.he made her,he shoulda swallowed her bossiness and stayed with her period,only dumb thing he did was leave the woman he made when he dont have money like she has lol.He gon be alright later though,he droppin his like crazy heh.

  8. God damn finally! Somebody says some Real As Shit about these dumb ass ghost writers. They act like you own them something when they really haven't done shit and or if they have, they get paid but still want more. DJ Akademiks on point this vidoe.

  9. He trying to get paid because he sees some chick finally make it?

    Isn't that what most women do to us, why attack him for doing what
    most women do on the daily?

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