“I thought Jacobs won…I thought Jacobs pulled it off…close fight…I wasn’t surprised…that’s what I expected…he proved to everybody…that fight was good enough to call for a rematch…if Triple G wants to in a way clear that controversial decision win, he does the rematch,” stated lightweight champion Mikey Garcia, who shared his thoughts on Gennady Golovkin’s unanimous decision victory over Daniel Jacobs. Check it out!


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  1. it went from jacobs getting ko to ggg walking around the ring doing nothing most of the round a few jabs and no exchanges ggg looked scared anytime Danny threw a punch, ggg backing up high guard waiting he is no Tyson so ggg dick riders stop it. 1st real fight for ggg and he losses and gets gift decision. Sad

  2. I have a feeling that a lot of people gave Jacobs rounds for his combinations, but the thing is he wasnt so efficient and accurate…I ve got 114-113 for Golovkin.

  3. his sparring partners told everybody Jacobs was huge on purpose to be able to take GGG punches he new exactly what he was doing he couldn't get on the scale because at 9am he was already rehydrate to 174 lbs ofcourse mikey would say this he is one of my favorite fighters but he was 160lbs losing weight to make 135? he is always the bigger guy in his fights and always has the advantage he should be at 140 we all seen the video of him half dead puking up bile to weak to walk trying to make weight FFS then day after weigh no more then 10 lbs over on fight night is a great rule every belt should have this rule when these fighters are at there best shape possible and they have a guy 7-10 lbs of solid muscle bigger then them it is dangerous and the proof is watching chocolatito he moved from 112 to 115 and look how much trouble he had with cuadras and then lost to that guy on the 18th GGG was 169.9oz when he hit the hbo scale going into the fight why would jacobs not step on the scale he already lost the chance for the IBF belt he new he was so much heavier if everybody new his weight he would lose all credit for beating a much smaller GGG

  4. GGG won easily count the punches you stupid spic and stop talking nonsense about Jacobs 180 pound ass winning. Jacobs got owned just like you would against GGG you fucking faggot.

  5. Knowing GGG would obey the rules of obtaining the belts, Danny took the low road and came in 10-15lbs heavier than GGG. He knew that if he could beat GGG he would end up with money fights. Why fight for belts when promoters call for money fights, right Canelo? Shameful. GGG is a true champion and we ALL KNOW Jacobs would not have survived had he come into the fight @170 like GGG was mandated to.

  6. People are starting to root against GGG. Jacobs did not win that fight. GGG is the champ and history has shown you always have to beat the champ decisively. He did not do that. He never rocked GGG but GGG knocked his ass down pretty easily.

  7. The rounds GGG won, he won pretty clearly (4, 5 and 9) but most of the other rounds he just couldn't land anything effective whereas Jacobs was able to get in a couple meaningful power shots. Almost all of GGG's clean power shots would've been concentrated in those few rounds, the rest of the fight he wasn't really able to do that much

  8. with the weight issue with Jacobs. there is no weight issue. he made weight. boxing organizations should be big enough to change to making weight the day of the fight. that would fix everything!!!

  9. The only people that say Jacobs won are black. Its really messed up but it's true. Golovkin won that fight. It was a good fight but he did better work. I scored it 115-112 GGG.

  10. Jacobs is naturally bigger, stronger etc, and still he fought like a bitch, got knocked down and outboxed. Golovkin was the better fighter. Sorry but that is the truth of the matter.

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