Cardi B: Money Doesn’t Always Make Me Happy, I Understand Suicidal Celebs

In this exclusive clip, Cardi B stops by to talk about her career and life before the fame. She discusses people expecting her to fail but investing wisely with her money. She says she wants to expand her brand and having a lot of business ideas. She discusses questioning people who really love her, instead of her persona and going to Michigan and saying F**k Donald Trump.

Check out the full interview.


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  1. Damn… I swear that interview got intense when he asked about money and happiness… I'm starting to think "Making it" isn't a bottom line good feeling, there's always something else underlining.

  2. money only solves physical problems which are 30% of your existence the
    rest is spiritual,this is why poor people in Africa are happier than
    much of the west…that empty spiritual void is why millionaires kill

  3. dear god i didnt really know her and i just assumed she was just another hot female rapper with a big butt and big boobs but shes so educated and so WOKE i have a whole new level of respect for her

  4. actually, money can make you happy, at least to a certain extent. but if you trynna make money for happiness then you know damn well it wont. money isnt here to give us joy, its here cus we need that shit.

  5. Money would make life easier. I mean especially if you're sick or something you can afford medicine. I want money for college and to be better off. Not for materialistic bullshit. You know? Sometimes money makes life happier because it makes it easier to live

  6. VLAD your problem is that you don't read comments.  You should….  Also the reason people don't like you is that you always try to make yourself part of the interview.  You can always relate to the celebs and the rich…because in your mind you think your a celebrity and you think your soooo wealthy.  The interviews aren't about you.

  7. Money makes u feel real good and financially secure that's for sure. But that shit don't make u happy. And if u think that it will then there is really something wrong with the way u take ur life. Happiness and money are two separate feelings. And if it does make u happy then I promise it's only for a moment and not everlasting.

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