Lil Wayne To Birdman: This Ni**a Trying To Steal My Career


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  1. think about it, rappers rap about women negatively, stealing, robbing, selling drugs, killing and much more. people dance, make money off of rap, people wanna be like rappers. so why criticize Birdman? he a gangster, ain't he, or his roots are. how can thugs and gangsters cry and complain when they get robbed. I am just curious.

  2. They said it all, Brian ain't got the money to pay Weezy. This is because Bird has no artist left to rob. Quan got the hell outta there and Thugga. Rich Gang? naw Baby, only one that'll be rich is you nigga.

  3. yeah yeah yeah Yee said it right
    at 2:00 of the conversation
    it's a respect issue
    Wayne, his manager,and his lawyers pulled up on baby on some GIMME MY MONEY type shit being hella disrespectful
    lil nigga that's ya pops u never run down on a gangsta nigga especially if he yo dad
    since then birdman attitude been like boy is u serious?
    I took u and all yo lil niggas away from poverty and crime and made yall GOD'S OF THE INDUSTRY
    Wayne fucked up Not baby

  4. From that thumbnail.. Lil wayne looks like he's ready to kill birdman punk ass and bury him under his house as an good night motherfucker.. Birdman is a tattoo monkey's boy. And birdman is this shit right here👹.

  5. they found that jersey asap but what about those missing girls in dc y'all need too report that y'all have the platform for it an the all black young females

  6. Man who care about that bs ain't now 1 of the Kat's about shit,I respect the real and ain't shit real about fake wannabes! Y'all youngsters don't know no better,keep this in mind( live a little )

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