LaVar Ball’s comments on Chino Hills HS coach are ‘out of bounds’ | UNDISPUTED

Rob Parker, Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss LaVar Ball’s criticism on his son’s High School coach. Did he go too far?
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LaVar Ball’s comments on Chino Hills HS coach are ‘out of bounds’ | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. This dude living his dream through his sons. He believes that's him on the court. That's going to go up against Curry and LeBron. I don't check for college ball until the end. Imma have to check out their highlight reel.

  2. People are sleeping on Melo.Hes way better than Lonzo was at the same age.Once he gets to college and stops jacking up crazy shots people will see.Its like yall forgot(or dont know) that Lonzo used to play the same way in high school

  3. first off I was at the game. these kids are young and can get caught in the emotions of the game. that's when your damn coach's is supposed to run a play, a time out and figure it out. you don't let a 10th grader run the show by himself. they don't even sub. literally. their coaching sucks

  4. I hate how they talking about high schooo players like why they actin like it's the NBA like calm down I'm in high school and not one player can average more than 20 points

  5. they are just judging kids here, they have to remember that lamelo is just a sophomore & still has more to go obviously he's still not as great as lonzo because he's younger.

  6. Who cares what this guy says? why do they care so much about what this guy says? Lmao seriously why do they hold LaVars opinions so high? Literally who cars what this guy has to say.. I don't understand why they keep talking about him.. and a highschool coach? lmao wtf is this.

  7. LaVar is what we call "extra"

    He's going to keep being extra about everything he talks about, you can't take this guy seriously because its an ACT. You will never hear honesty from him and he will continue to claim his sons are the best in the world, even if they suck he will still say they are great. Because thats what parents do.. so why is this a debate?

  8. Hilarious how these stories are reported on without context. The coach never had a coaching job before period, he is a product of Lavar's personal training program, Lavar used his leverage with the athletic program, because his sons have been the centerpiece of the team, to get him the job…the same job he wasnt qualified to have it appears.

  9. these guys are making assumptions thats Lavar will blame the Ucla coach if they lose… Please. HS coaching is different from college coaching even Lavar knows that

  10. Chino Hill's coach from this season isn't even the same coach from last year, that went 35-0. That dude was an Asian guy, not Gilling, and he's now coaching Mater Dei, who defeated Chino Hills earlier this year. I mean… seems like some crucial information that y'all are overlooking for this story.

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