“It took a long, long time to make the fight…Pacquiao, in the beginning, he had a problem with the random blood and urine testing…a lot of athletes today like to cheat…Pacquiao, he still has to fight and I don’t have to fight…a lot of fighters show their hand,” stated undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who spoke to fans during a recent stop on his UK tour. Check it out!


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  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, HOW dumb do you really think we are????? you ducked him for over 5 years and was shamed into fighting him. And when you fought time, *SHIT, it wasn't a fight, never mind.

  2. LOL, ya Floyd really tried to make that fight with Pac 6 year ago. Throwing up the drug testing hoops for Pac to jump through and arguing about the cut off window. It was basically "take the tests, while I take PEDs, and then we can fight!" lolol

  3. I saw the Cotto fight and I still see Cotto had beat him, blooded his nose and mouth and put a lot of lumps on his face n body. He's lost a few fights but they were still given to him as a gift.

  4. Furthermore mayweather got counter punched 8times in the Pac-Man fight, he countered pacquiao 4times in that fight go and count for yourself and pacman landed more punches and the harder punches fuck the judges they were blind or paid off , mayweather got countered punched in the pacman fight more then all his fights in his career combined real shit in 40 fights added up u never seen mayweather counter 8 times.

  5. He say he wants even playing field wen he new pac had a injured arm n pac needed a painkiller injection buh NSAC refuse to do so n if they both could've postponed the fight gayweather wouldn't fight em

  6. Floyd just stfu everybody knows by now ur adirty motherfker basically the biggest fraud in the sport u ducked pac for six years and real fans knows the story only ur diehard flomos gnna eat ur bullshit.

  7. Right you don't like him yet you click the video 🤔 that don't add up then comment some bs because he make more money than stop investing ya time in bs you mother fuckers don't have shit better to do

  8. ou ran like a faggot set traps for manny .you shoot shit up your hands that's not a level playing field are u crazy .you don't fight you box that's the name of the game ok but nobody wants to see a chicken run and dodge all night long

  9. I like mayweather but he cant claim an even playing field when he wrtes the fucking contract not just straight up welterweight light middle he made small guys come up and big guys come down

  10. I don't think Manny has aged well in terms of boxing skills: speed kills whether you are talking reflexes or punching and he just isn't as fast like he was in his 20's. He was a totally different shape then and looks much bulkier now, to me. Some people age differently.

  11. Everyone be talking about one time Floyd cheated all boxers use illegal substances it's just that he got caught I've been studying boxing for years and every boxer has a time they use illegal steroids or they would die before 2nd round LMAO people hate on mayweather to much that's why he is the richest boxer to have ever lived so u haters just swallowing his D like damn

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