Adam Silver warns NBA teams of ‘significant penalties’ for resting players | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon on healthy scratches in the NBA.
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Adam Silver warns NBA teams of ‘significant penalties’ for resting players | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. the generation of players whine too much. steph, draymond, Thompson barely 8 years in the league and they resting when you have players like Russ and Harden going out every night giving 110% while these other players sit and want to be MVP's and All-Star the big time players in the NBA whine too much.

  2. So we're openly saying only superstars matter? Just because you're a superstar, you MUST play in national TV and if you're a bench player, you don't deserve to play. I just don't see how you can regulate it who must play and who doesn't.

  3. The biggest problem with the NBA is the fact that there's way too many back-to-backs. Call the players spoiled, whiny, selfish, weak, etc. all you want but perhaps people will lay off when more and more guys start getting injuries as a result of bad scheduling.

    The next time they re-negotiate the CBA, they had better do something about the schedule. Players wouldn't need to sit during the season if there was no incentive to do so.

  4. They wouldn't have to rest players as much if they didn't schedule so many back to backs. I think extending the season a week is better as they have discussed.

  5. I think there is a way to do both- maintain ratings, let fans see players, and get players rest- incentivize it with some sort of written or unwritten mercy rule like the NFL has been playing with for years- like if the Steelers go up by three touchdowns to the Brows and it's in the second half we all know starters are coming out and Landry Jones is coming in. Start the starters, and if starts to become obvious that one team is pounding the other, say like by a sustained 15 points for 15 plus minutes then it's socially acceptable to pull the starters, otherwise you still have a reasonably close game to job to do

  6. I don't buy any of it. It's not as if they play every single day. The season is over 8 months and they go home after they coming back from a road trip. that's the time to rest. They have off days. besides you know coming into the league you will play 82 games. you train for that. these players are lazy.

  7. The problem is not resting the players. It's when they are doing it. If I'm not mistaken Golden State did the Saturday before Cleveland did it and Saturdays are suppose to be a  prime time game.

  8. if guys are tired, reduce minutes, don't miss games. cant imagine how ripped off people who spend money and go through the trouble of going to the games must feel. if you are a basketball player, then play basketball.

  9. No other sport has this problem except the NBA and football (or soccer in the USA).
    And guess what, in "soccer" the coaches can rest their stars all they want but they play them as much as they can, because EVERY GAME MATTERS. In the NBA, the regular season is 82 games for each team that mean nothing but playoff advancement and home-court advantage. There is no INCENTIVE to play your stars every game and that is what the league should give. Not fines.

  10. Here's an argument for rest.. Never before in the NBA you knew you were going to the finals unless Lebron got hurt. So they know they will have to play about 20 games more every year.

  11. Yea no way I'm going to any more NBA games or even watching them on TV until they fix this. NBA is scamming average people for their paychecks by lying about the quality of the games they're charging for. Yea they all want a Championship but this is not the way to go about it. Just go out there and play ball and if you get injured oh well that's sports, injuries change the NFL season every single year and America still watches cuz those guys are out there competing.

  12. Don't coaches get paid to manage their rosters minutes? If in less competitive games star players played less minutes then they wouldn't need to sit out an entire game and disappoint the fans.

  13. Here's something a lot of people may not know. The NBA actually DID penalize a team for resting it's players in a game on one occasion that I remember. It happened in the late 1980s when Pat Riley rested his star players in a late-season game between his Lakers and the Portland TrailBlazers, when the Blazers were trying to make the playoffs. NBA Commissioner David Stern took particular issue with what the Lakers did and actually fined both Riley and team owner Jerry Buss for resting their star players. And I've said for quite some time that it's time the major professional sports leagues, MLB, the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL begin seriously considering penalizing coaches and organizations for resting healthy players for no other reason than wanting to avoid injury.

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