Wood Harris on Doing The Wire with Idris Elba, British Actors Often Being Better

Wood Harris spoke openly about his time filming “The Wire” during a recent sit-down with VladTV. He explained how the show didn’t take off until they were finished shooting it, and Harris added that he was surprised that it didn’t win an Emmy or other big awards.

When asked about his favorite memory from the show, Wood says he counts the day he was chosen to be on it, and then he went on to tell a crazy story about him and Idris finding a human baby bone while filming a scene. To hear more of what he had to say, including how race makes American actors have a built-in inferiority when compared to British actors, hit the above clip.


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  1. Growing up in inner city Manchester the only Shakespeare I knew was the boozer ( bar) where I used to get weed from!! Don't think Idris Elba would of grown up with Shakespeare in Hackney in London either? Maybe he studied it later on? Luther is fucking brilliant too? Not as good as The Wire (best TV programme ever) though! Nice one Vlad. Respect to Wood too.

  2. Some of you guys don't seem to understand what he's saying. In the UK, we are taught about Roman history, and how black people helped build the British nation during that time. Also, for those second-generation or first-generation black Brits, they are still deeply connected to their African culture through their mothers, whilst maintaining a sense of patriotism to Britain. It helps with self-esteem to know you're not only just a descendent of slavery, but actually connected to building the very notion you live in. In America, you're not taught that. You're taught that you're descendants of slaves, and nothing else about your history. When your taught about the role African Americans played in your history, it's always somehow connected to slavery. Therefore, African Americans are born and brainwashed to believe they are inferior, from their first breath, all the way through their education. I could go on, but I think you all know what I'm saying.

  3. One thing the show got right was West Baltimore is fucked. Harford county now. when Kenny Braxton put a 357 revolver to my head I was high on lovely didn't sweat wasn't scared for shit… Never forget it I was smoking that love and drinking lowenbrau bbj… Baltimore ain't never gonna change from Cherry Hill to 40 east to wilkens Ave to liberty Rd…Baltimore is what it is….I'm still an addict now it's boy instead of girl

  4. maybe some people he spoke to but black people and other minorities are far from treated with respect in most of Europe. maybe there's a little bit of the moors taught in history in schools but they don't exactly emphasize it. i think black people in the US even have a bigger voice through artists and actors like Wood Harris.

  5. Idris Elba's American accent sounds like a thick New York accent dude can pull it off. But he's British as fuck. He got a heavy British accent off camera.

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