Moments in the past at Madison Sq. Backyard in New York, middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin narrowly saved his undefeated file and titles intact, defeating former champion Daniel Jacobs by way of shut unanimous choice. Try what Roy Jones Jr. needed to say in regards to the combat instantly after it was over!


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  1. GGG clearly won..with his jab…he got point….Jacobs combination punch more to GGG hand…not a clear punch..thats why GGG win..and remember Jacobs knock down in round 4..second time knock
    after Dmitry pirog knock out Jacobs..

  2. Jacobs looked like he weighed 185 to 190 lbs. Golovkin took on a legitimate super middleweight / light heavy weight that night, and won a marginal decision, let me repeat that, he won a marginal decision %100. Now Roy Jones says, you won golovkin, but give this huge talented fighter another crack at knocking you out, and pay him a ridiculous amount of money while at it. Does anyone see how insane this is? This was a high risk, low reward fight for Golovkin, but in order to stay true to his dream of becoming undisputed champion, he has stayed the course, fought a mando, and seems to have his sights on the final belt strapped around Billy Joe Saunders. BJS is to the middleweight class as a champion, as Adonis Stevenson is to the Light Heavyweight class as a champion., both have been holding the belt hostage for financial/recognition purpose, and as bait to lure the unified champs of there respectable weight class. My hope is unification in both classes, then a showdown between the 2.

  3. artful dodge by GGG , as he planned to fight 12 rounds , n he did it. to make other chikns like canelo, ward more brave to contract. in round 4 danny was a "a good boy", after GGG controlled all 12 rounds, the BEAST GGG is smashing insane power for all boxers .n them know it. after first jab from GGG.

  4. Canelo will knock both of this guys fuckn size dnt matter…tell that shit to julio Cesar Chavez when he knocked out guys way more bigger than him…canelos punches are more powerful than this 2

  5. Golovkin was at least 10 lbs. less and chased that little girl all around the ring. lol. One thing Jacobs doesnt have is heart.. Oh thats two things, my mistake, that and his former title.

  6. No excuse for GGG ducking Jacobs in a rematch. GGG fanboys don't want to see a rematch because GGG lost and if Jacobs did a little more work he could have stopped GGG, Don't be hurt your great white hope got exposed AGAIN and lost. I want a rematch!!

  7. GGG would be better off taking a rematch with Danny..He moves to 168 n dem boys gon smash him..Gilberto Ramirez Badou Jack James Degale. Andre Ward Chris Eubanks all dese guys GGG gets touched up

  8. Roy stfu u one of the reason I don't watch HBO boxing all you go is for your boy ggg won and drop your man and hurt him 2 round later mean while ur boy never hurt ggg be honest when talking all those ko you have fuck ur fucking brain…just like in cotto and canelo fight ya have canelo winning all the round when that fight could of gone eather way but not this one ggg won clearly…

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