Moments ago at Madison Square Garden in New York, middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin narrowly kept his undefeated record and titles intact, defeating former champion Daniel Jacobs via close unanimous decision. Check out what Max Kellerman had to say about the fight immediately after it was over!


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  1. Some will say this is an excuse, but I don't think so. Golvkin had to have a lot of respect for Jacobs. He is a bigger guy! His own trainer mentioned it before and after the fight – the idea of being more measured and careful. Characterizing this caution as aging is wrong. It was simply respect for a bigger, great fighter in Jacobs! it was a good idea to win! The real question is: could GGG keep his foot on the brakes in a rematch, or would his instinct to go for the kill ( a risk against Jacobs) take over?

  2. I don't know what fight these people were watching, GGG had command the whole fight. He was never in trouble, landed the cleaner blows, out jabbed Jacobs, knocked him down, hurt him a couple of times. And to make matters worse for Jacobs, had to chase him around the ring.Jacobs came to go the distance. He fought a smart fight take him to later rounds and hope he wares out. Unfortunately he was in better shape than he had hoped and it wasn't enough to win. If he stands and fights GGG he gets knocked out and he knew that. Jacobs is a good fighter. He just didn't come to win this time.

  3. The fact is that it's most likely that GGG simply ran into the type of fighter who would have loooked the same against him 5 yrs ago as he did the other night. Everyone admits that GGG has never fought anyone as good as Jacobs. The performance is much much more likely due to Jacobs than due to GGG fading. Jacobs, Charlo, Lara, Canelo, Eubanks Jr and Ramirez are fighters I think would bring the toughest challenges if not beat GGG.

  4. max you think you know boxing what happen to knocking out the champion to win a fight like in the past you need to knock the champion to win the fight not by tapping the champion fuck max k.

  5. age BS I seen all of GGG fights 34 is not old he fight the same as a amature . Bute was beating him before he got ko. Dirrell beat him in the olympics they gave it to GGG. He never had good slip game . Floyd was right he just straight up down fighter. If jacobs would have Steverson he probably would have got ko. He did look old he just look the same flat footed slow . The only difference is he could not ko jacobs

  6. I Hate when people mentioning weight in this fight. Jacobs rehydrated up to 175 by the looks of him and so what??!! Maidana was like 15-20 pounds heavier than Floyd when they fought, Canelo too. Hell most the time Floyd was the smaller man in the ring. Also, Pacquiao is usually the smaller man and he still wins. Weight doesn't play much of a factor in these fights, if it did Chavez Jr. would be dominating in fights, because he legit rehydrates up to Cruiserweight.

  7. jacobs no2 at middle  what you expect ggg not superman. you cant just walk through the next best guy in the division easy. It shouldn't happen. when floyd fought maidana who wasnt even close to no2 at 147 no 1 said he got exposed and it was just as close

  8. NO WAY…everybody would seen the ko but it wasn't so…but know they must use the trash talk card…ggg is not to old and he is in great form…i watched the fight for 3times and he did a good job…it wasn't close and ggg won this clearly thats fact….this fighter is still a monster trust me…

  9. fuck no GGG got in his prime late just like Hagler or hurns and Bernard Hopkins I still see him dominating the division easily another 3 years or so,, this GGG and Canelo fight now this is a superfight way better then Pacquio & Mayweather !! like if GGG is gonna let go all his belt in that match Sept 16 even the match is called ITS ON !!!

  10. for the ppl that dont understand weigh ins jacobs did make weight! everyone keeps saying oh he came in 20 pounds heavier he was 180 ggg 160 they both weighed in at 160 the ibf however has an extra weigh in the morning of the fight where they want you to be within 10 pounds so 170 tops but after that u can continue re-hydrating jacobs said fuck that i dont need the ibf ill take the wba + wbc its a smart tactic part of boxing if your worried about a fighter being 5-10 pounds heavier drop weight classes

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