Moments ago at Madison Square Garden in New York, middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin narrowly kept his undefeated record and titles intact, defeating former champion Daniel Jacobs via close unanimous decision. Check out what Golovkin had to say about his performance during the post-fight interview immediately after the fight.


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  1. lmao….dream on! jacobs box beautifully, thats is always ggg kryptonite, he can't fight a fighter who is slick and same size with him!……people already knew ggg is beatable and can be outboxed …he just a punching bag with power, nothing more…

    ggg face even didn't looks happy after the fight, deep inside he knows he lost!

  2. WTF!!! Jacobs clearly got fucking robbed. This is what I'm saying….That slimy piece of shit bumlovkin looks good fucking fighting welterweights and cab drivers but as soon as he fights a real contender he folds like a bitch. This overrated and overhyped fraud hasn't even fought anyone until now this is the biggest fraud in the history of the sport…..bumlovkin Is a piece of garbage and a disgrace to the fucking sport and should just hand over his win and retire for good. Well done Jacobs on beating this overrated disgusting bum #36-1

  3. Haha he knows that he needs a canelo fight now lol shouldve taken that 15mill cause now ODH will avoid it and ggg will or should rematch danny jacobs because he lost imo but its ok wasnt a robbery but ggg didnt win

  4. Jacobs just lost .. all that false confidence and overweight got him nothing but a L .. GGG a true champ and offer jacobs a rematch and this time jacobs not getting up after this knock down ..

  5. GGG vs Jacobs was a SET UP to make more $$$$ … GGG may have needed this TUNE UP for his next match!  Was GGG told to look BAD with Jacobs??  Watch him next time ,  he will be his old self.  OR has his tire starting to wear down like Pacman.  Manny still has speed ,  just LESS power.  He could not knock our  Vargas,  Jessie who is young!  And .. still champion,  GGG!

  6. This dude don't know what the hell he wants!! Just a couple of weeks ago he said he's not worrying about canelo. He doesn't really want the fight. Now that he got exposed he's mad and wants the fight 😂😂😂 he better take that 15 mil

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