Lil Wayne Says Rick Ross Just Gave him the Motivation He Needed to Make Dope Music.

Saying Rick Ross Just Gave him the Motivation He Needed to Make Dope Music.
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  1. you say some very illogical shit sometimes. Wayne is a boss just not the same type of boss you maybe referring too. do you know how many people work for Wayne? In that no artist is a boss jayz still answers to a label, so does puff.

  2. You talk trash About every f**ing artist! that's why you sitting at home in you're moms basement on you're ass well his making moves you clown! Stop talking trash get up off you're ass and work harder! You bit*!

  3. 2:47 Ak said some real shit here.. That aint no Boss shit.. but you gotta respect wayne.. Wayne has plenty of Boss potential.. But you know.. sometimes you Trust people. and they do you wrong.

  4. wayne dont need nobody to buy him out, he jus need to tell birdman he can have all that money and go independent, he will make all his money back in no time… and there you have it, he buys his own self out of that contract 😏 fuck a label, they aint gone do shit but take advantage of the opportunity to have wayne on they team… thus, the same ole fuckery that birdman was on…

  5. all of you fuckers are stupid including akademiks because you discuss people and their lives… not ideas to better anything. Yall arguing over people who dont even know you exist. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. DJ Akademiks. Lil Wayne is definitely a boss. A boss is someone who has the courage to speak out when others are silent. And Wayne was always that dude to speak the truth and unfortunately, wear his heart on his sleeves even when he was being too trusting. But this nigga is more of a boss than Birdman the Coward will ever be. And just because Birdman took advantage of him, and won't pay him his due doesn't make his success as an artist any less valid. He did his thing, too bad he didn't get the money and the credit.

  7. I don't fuck with Wayne no more fuck that nigga because he is trying to do like young thug hoe ass as soon as young thug come in the rap game now everybody wanna be gay and shit and Wayne wearing dresses just because he wants some attention with his pussy ass that nigga faker than them shoes that Soulja boy wearing fuck Wayne he ain't my favorite rapper no more fuck him he can suck young thug dick and choke on it

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