Lil Flip Performs Live on Sway’s 2017 SXSW Show

During the 2017 SXSW festivities, Lil Flip joins Sway in the Morning at our 6th annual Austin, TX live broadcast and performs live.

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  1. man I love lil flip man I always been a fan I hjate how people hated on him back in day with that ti shit hes the shit man always love lil flipperachi man hes the man dawg fuck those haters lil flip I'm a fan of you from since Trojans with boxers and balliin is a ,habit you my boy man fuck em

  2. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS!!!!! SUPPORT FLIP! TRUE FREESTYLE KING! as a fuckin Texan bring all these cats in the booth to try and fuck with flip on a freestyle Zro Trae lil keke Cham Mike Jones fat Pat hawk…. I won't throw ugk in the mix cause the level of fuck you up would be to damn serious lol!

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