Cardi B (Full Interview)

Cardi B stopped by VladTV to discuss her life growing up in the Bronx and her rising music career. She discusses dating women, but never falling in love with one and her stance on threesomes. She also talks about the assumption that she has a ghostwriter, but writing all of her lyrics and studying bars and metaphors. Cardi B goes on to talk about the pros and cons of fame, and the adjustment in to her new life. Check out the full interview here!


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  1. "I didn't have enough fat to put in my ass", "don't go bugging out with your vagina"..omg say what you want. She's not articulate or deep by any means but real and hilarious and speaks her truth.

  2. I absolutely love her, her past her present her future how humble she is how she loves herself n others how she stands up for women n her real ness yes she's like every girl out there with insecurities but we also have our days when we feel like a boss ass bitch lol n she's ok saying how she feels I get her completely n it's beautiful I love her person n music I wish nun but great things for her!!

  3. this bitch is as dumb as a box of rocks. let her have her 2 months of fame. she has no talent at all. after 2020 her fame will be done and she back to a 9-5 job guarantee u that kiddos

  4. Aww, Cardi had me in tears at the end. She's not part of the raza, but she stood up for like she was.
    This was a really pleasant interview to watch; it felt like watching a friend talk.
    I hope she's more successful as the time comes. And I hope she finds the happiness she lost along the way. ❤️

  5. I don't like ratchetness but I love seeing people striving to rise above it. That's what I see in Cardi B. Keep rising queen!
    Oh and she did a good job on handling those devilish questions. Vlad was on a wicked agenda when he was pressuring her about her mom and trying to impose his Eurocentric liberal views on her.

  6. He's really not getting the point here with the whole money thing…yeah obviously money does make your life better cause you know you can pay your bills and afford the things you want but what the fuck does being able to pay your bills or buy the things you want matter to you when your spirit is broken and you have no willingness to live? Or you're not happy with yourself? When you have no food for your soul? What does it matter to have money when you don't even have sanity?

  7. Flat out plain and simple the word strip is to take something away what is beyond taking off and would you hire a camera man to take your family photos for the same cost as a professional photographer?

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