Jesse Williams People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Talks Donald Trump + More!

Author, actor and activist Jesse Williams stopped by the AT&T studio to talk to Angie Martinez

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  1. ***** Y'all are FULL OF IT ***

    Talking about "why is there no outrage" about Kalief Browder. You IDIOTS. YOU have money influence and power. YOU DO SOMETHING precise like get the judges and lawyers disbarred you stupid, dumbed down airheads. You TALK for a FEW MINUTES then right back at it and keep it moving. Why don't you do a WEEK LONG segment on Kalief? Why is his SUICIDE, torment and torture and enslavement ONLY GOOD ENOUGH for you to whine for a FEW MINUTES and now you back to regular life. I'm BROKE and out in these streets embarassing judges and lawyer and exposing them and rattling their cages. Y'all just do a photo op to look & sound cool like you actually care. Hypocritical lying coward punks.

  2. love Jessie and his speech was great…but I got to correct one thing he said…when he said black people don't play tennis and then he mentioned the Williams sisters…sooo Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe would pave the way to the black tennis players…but other than that point Jessie's interview was wonderful…he seems so well rounded and connected to his people. so clearly his good looks did not go to his head and cripple him to be a beauty without brains…he really surprised me at the BET awards…but nice also to see he is hot and hard…becuz that speech was HARD!

  3. Very interesting conversation, I love this guy, he's smart and of course he's gorgeous, but what makes him really really hot, is the fact that he thinks he isn't pretty, and so… well, I love this guy. It's so sad that there's just one Jesse Williams on earth…

  4. I like how EVEN AFTER YOU KEEP REPEATEDLY trying to set him up to be 'typical' as ppl are in society with thirst for materialism & attention & LOOKS….and he just shrugs it off because he knows he can't trust average ppl's impression/interpretation of him…. He's all like "Yet ANOTHER media outlet on some bullsh….. So whatevs."
    I LOVE that REALness about him.
    And I LOVE that, respectfully, he is NOT HERE for bullsh… It's beautiful.

    She CONTINUES to be like "You DO LIKE IT…. JUST A LITTLE BIT??"
    It's always so funny how when folks ask me things like that. Like SURELY I MUST share in your ideaology regarding sheepleShyt. It was aggravating for the first couple of decades of life. But it just becomes more of a reveal of the person who is micromanaging others' feelings more than anything else.
    Being a Man who happens to be GENUINE is what makes him a Superhero.
    It's tragic that this is rare across the board, but I get it. The practice of parenting has gone down the toilet. So there's THAT.
    11:56 His BALANCE as a Man is so attractive. THOSE are the kinds of things that make a Man TO ME — unlike most chicks who think "most men (insert trifling characteristic here)" — because those are the kind of guys they consider "Men", lol. — Or even those guys they find 'sexy' based on what they LOOK like….. (I wouldn't trust those ppl's judgement either, quite frankly.)

    He looks like he does what I do in my mind when someone points out a certain instance when the lightbulb came on & they finally knew dtRump was a pos 4SURE. I just look at that person like "Your character-judgement canNOT be trusted. NO WONDER ur relationships tend to suck…. Like how did you JUST NOW realize this guy was EVERYTHING he's ALWAYS SHOWN himself to be????!" #sheepleLife.
    But u can't say anything because those types of Truths will offend them & the reality is that we need ALL soldiers in this civil fight.

    lol 15:21 "REAL" organizers. #iSeeYouJesse
    I love how he repeatedly dilutes, then redirects the conversation when it veers toward ridiculousness, before it even gets there.
    He would be so awesome to hang out with (& have good fights/debates with) as a Brother. I digg him. An amazing Spirit.
    I would love to do filmwork under his direction too. He's honing his director chops, and I KNOW he doesn't halfass shyt like that. Plus, he is a great Artist AND legendary 'teacher", at this point. So there's NO WAY POSSIBLE to come away from the experience without something morally priceless.

    &His eyes are like "This is not new, but IDKWTF to tell yall. You ask. I tell u…And u STILL rearrange MY values according to YOUR shallowAF measures — which is prettymuch business as usual, so WHATEVS…."
    It was polite of him to be as accommodating as a Truthteller can be amongst general society whose interests are 'common'. I know that struggle VERY well. 9:30 ….9:30.

  5. Jesse Williams = hypocrisy. Clearly hates whiteness; leaves his blackness wife and sniffs out whiteness girlfriend. Don't forget about Swedish mother. Sir you are so hung up on 200 year old history that you don't look toward tomorrow. You're an ass.

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