Denzel Curry Performs Live on Sway’s 2017 SXSW Show

During the 2017 SXSW festivities, joins Sway in the Morning at our 6th annual Austin, TX live broadcast and performs live.

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  1. I bought tickets to this solely because Denzel was gonna be there but I couldn't go because I was sick which sucked but that's really disappointing to see how shit the crowd was

  2. I wasnt even there live but if I was I would've gone harder than a mf denzel has all my respect dude works harder than a mother fucker goes out and gets a crowd like this shit whack yo

  3. Fuck this crowd. He had nothing to prove to them. If they didn't know who he was by now then fuck them. Sway treated him like he was real new to this shit; like he was an open mic rapper. Curry played it humble but knew this crowd and this setup was garbage.

  4. Denzel is a fire spitting dragon man. Hahahaaaaa He came and saw a hall full of soulless half-dead bodies and still managed to bring some of them back to life. Dope performance bruh. This is what real rappers has to do. Bruh, you're a seriously big rap artist and not just an entertainer. Sry for my bad english I live in Germany. I swear, i luv that shit, since i even wasn't born man!!! 👍🏽

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