TI and Bow Wow Come to the Defense of Snoop Dogg after Donald Trump Slams his Music Video.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on TI and Bow Wow Coming to the Defense of Snoop Dogg after Donald Trump Slams his Music Video.
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  1. I'm not a Trump supporter but bow wow is a coward ass bitch disrespecting and stunting like a goon calling Trump a punk and talking about pimpin his wife nigga need to shut his lil bitch ass up b4 he end up locked up and raped bitch ass lol

  2. You are so wrong, you talking about respect the president, was it like that the last 8 years, how you going to respect someone that won't respect you that's why this is America you can say what you feel, why not. I rock with TI don't have any problem with what he said, now if you want to just sit there and say nothing that's you let a mf do him and you don't worry about it I rock with you and a entertainment blog so be easy if people don't stand for what they believe that's them let that man do him

  3. Snoop's old music will always be some of the greatest of all time, but just like Dre, and Cube he should have kept himself from looking like a fool, T.I is a born and bred coon, and bow wow is as irrelevant as Snoop's attempt at ragae music.. point being, these 3 guys are the epitome of who not to take serious and most of what they do is moronic, imo ofcourse..

  4. 1st time I heard u on some house nigga shit. U gotta let these dudes grow…let Hip Hop grow. Dick Gregory was at 1 point, just a comedian. Harry Belafante just an actor. Ali just a fighter. I will be looking out for this bullshit in a future video…a single future video. If I sense it again…."I'm out!"

  5. Artist are puppets starting New World Order you people better wake up the power they think they got ain't power it's the power of ignorance to start NWO there paid to start it bible tells you there paid for there work it's says stay away from artist they run to mischief and create these problems for the public these artist ain't gonna protect you or your family!!!

  6. (Dammmn T.I went on his ass lmao) T.I always been about the people, T.I Is a motivation speaker more like (modern Malcolm X) listen to his music back in the day and when he came up. Bruh Akademiks *Ghost Out It's Motivation T.I Song<(Wake Up Drake Fan)

  7. dj a do u have on a black mask, y'all must have not seen all the photos of black men hanging from trees and the white folks standing there laughing, we can say whatever we want to SAY stop it u uncle tom mg

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