T.I. Roasts Trump In The Most Epic Way, Meek Mill Charged With Assault

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  1. Class E felony… lol omg they either is not thinking or this is some kind of media stunt to divide and distract people. May God be our guide. Have mercy.

  2. its a class E felony to threaten the president.. and..
    I wouldnt be surprised if some sith lords tried to take this out on some random civilian. it wont be snoop who gets it, but someone else might

  3. We gotta stop referring to ourselves as minorities. It's more of an insult than anything since it literally means less than. And… it's not factual. There are more of us than them. Whether you are referring to only direct descendants of Afrika or non-whites, there are more of us than them and we are in no way, shape, or form less than them. As another matter of fact, if we stopped allowing them to categorize us into Black, Brown, and Yellow we will realize our power as the majority.

  4. He's not my president. He cheated the election. Snoop has the right to express himself. What Snoop did was not the equivalent a man who jumps the fence of the White House armed with an AK 47 and fires shots.

  5. nohemi roll what thing about meat meals he'll care about fans pictures loyalty trust people body tickets and eyeballs they will never sell nothing on more when you called a truea hundred percent ass keeping the rear end of the day does a picture come on get over it these were things about that he's entertaining want to be Fake Rappers ain't that hot is in the Underground worldwide artist from Hip Hop culture from the East to the West today's South you better wake up and see the light when you dealing with different people as being fast and learn to be a person friend but you don't understand nobody nobody of Wreck it ain't nobody goingyou got to be the next boat rapper in jail by ManBzo aka Dirty O Williams CEO KoolBreezeEntGtm HighflyTunezProductions/100$trong Record GtmTv

  6. Thank you Charlamagne!!!Be a voice people;but me smart about it! Stop with all the school yard name calling antics already and be more constructive with your voice/platform!

  7. Threatening a mans wife is bad enough but threatening to kidnap the first lady and pimp her out? That's when you go from a dumb nigga to a stupid nigger.

  8. "Respect these people positions" lmao charlamagne shut up man. A man needs to achieve the respect of the people for who he himself is before earning the respect for what his position is. I don't care if trumps family was royalty they're still shitty people.

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