Rick Ross Raps on his New Album that He Warned Meek Mill Not to Trust Nicki Minaj!


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Rick Ross Rapping on his New Album that He Warned Meek Mill Not to Trust Nicki Minaj!
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  1. drake is family at the end of the day..wtf?! she held her man down. period. she probably missed her young money family after all the dumb shit going on which would have tarnished her image. meek was never good for her image at the end of the day. he was acting childish. she stayed tho. how rick ross gonna give advice on women?? double standard.. smfh  meek was mad initially because drake didn't shout out his album. maybe drake was jealous over the relationship as to why he didn't support meek. I think meek woke up one day and lost it. lmao

  2. Bro Drake definitely fucked Nicki and Meek found out after they were dating cause Meek the type to ask how many niggas she been with before him n if he know any of them so she just kept it funky Meek was butt hurt cause they always deny it in public but duh it's the business

  3. @DJ Akedemiks Drake is fuckin Nicki low key, in ome somg in one of his previous albums he says "situations are hectic I ain't talking to Nicki." On this album he says "I got a new Maybach she wanna fuck in the drive home/Yeah met her once and I got through/I'm never washed but I'm not new/I know I said top 5 but I'm top 2 and I'm not 1 but I got 1 thought you had 1 but it ain't one nigga NAH!" LMAO that shit was clear as day. She won't 100 Meek SHE WASN'T LOYAL!!!!

  4. It's unbelievable how Drake D riders like Akademiks don't understand that meek called Drake out for not writing his own bars, not because Nicki told him some shit. You can say whatever you want about meek, but he takes his writing seriously, and went after Drake to expose the fakery in the industry, which gives him the W. Drake fans will deny that meek gave them an L for years, but in reality, no one will ever forget that Drake doesn't write his own shit, and it has tarnished his pop career (he's not a rapper, he makes soft ass radio tracks) ever since we all found out.

  5. Lol this is retarded, you made videos about when it happened now you wanna act like you forgot. Ppl twist stories to make em sound better. That why I usually fuck w/akademics b/c he tells it like it is, but this is dumb. Meek tweeted some shit about drake not writing his shit, then drake made 2 diss songs @ him lol how you gon act like you forgot lmao

  6. This beef was 2 year ago she didn't left him in the after math because of the beef 😂😂😂 akademic , i love what you say , but damn you dick riding drake and hating on meek and sometime your off

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