Kawhi’s best defensive plays (LAC/SAS, 8:30pm/ET Sat, ABC)

Watch the plays from Kawhi Leonard’s career that made the Spurs break out ‘The Klaw,’ before San Antonio takes on the Clippers on Saturday (ABC, 8:30 pm/ET).


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  1. Wow, talk about a freak of nature. There isn't another player in the NBA that can make those steals/plays. Draymond Green will probably win DPOY and it will be a freaking travesty.

  2. I grew up watching Pippen be a great defender at this size. As great as Scottie was he never won DPOY, and plain and simple Kawhi is better than Pippen. Not by a whole lot, but he is better.

  3. Stockton Better Watch Out xD.

    On the real though Kawhi, probably the only person in the NBA now, who would actually survive if he was to play in earlier eras of the game. The only person in the NBA to be able to stand out in Jordans time. Hands down.

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