Treach on Being Shot At by Assault Rifles, Kay Gee Getting Shot within the Neck

Rising up in North Jersey within the eighties was fairly robust for Treach. Raised by a single mom and solely assembly his father on the age of 12—earlier than seeing him once more on Remedy 30 years later—he says he reached a degree in his life the place he was defiant after which kicked out of his dwelling. That is when the rapper reveals his begin as a drug seller between 16-17. On this sit-down with DJ Vlad, Treach talks about how only a common dialog and perception from an aged man on his block helped him and his crew keep away from confrontation with police and the distinction with Newark to versus when he was rising up.

Watch the complete interview above.


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  1. this is the Man Eminem got his style from!!!!!! this is 100% fact Eminem even said it his self and for anyone to have the nerve to say Treach wasn't a class A rapper doesn't know Hip Hop nor couldn't've listen to the lyrical artistry this man possesses!!!!! definitely in my top 10

  2. He mentioned Deisel. Finally he gives his brother some cred cause I always see Fam with Naughty touring but I never see the rest of the Rottin Razkals crew. I wonder whatever happened to the rest of them.

  3. Always respected this cat. Real talk & real love from a real dude. This kinda real aint wanted in music no more, but im glad that there are still dudes like this to show what resl hip hop life is.

  4. I met naughty by nature out in North Carolina real thorough dudes all 3 Vinnie treach and Kay gee stand up guys 4 real! r.i.p fatal what up to every body out in Montclair,NJ shout outs 2 the haak mobb salute 2 the whole new Jersey peace

  5. Their was another Tiny T…Dramatic and Lord T from the era as well…They were a little older(10yrs-14yrs or so..I'm 48 though)…I remember them from early 80's….

  6. I loved it in Jersey…My brother was recording his album there with KG… It was like a big ass Gary damn near felt like home…Treach is a real dude.. They love that dude in Jersey … I got Mad respect for them dudes don't sleep on KG either.. REAL DUDES!!

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