Snoop Dogg- Nightfall Remix (BADBADNOTGOOD X KAYTRANADA- Lavender)

BADBADNOTGOOD – Lavender ft. Kaytranada & Snoop Dogg (Nightfall Remix)
Out on Innovative Leisure

Preorder Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl

Directed by: Jesse Wellens and James DeFina
Director Of Photography: James DeFina

Executive Producer: Snoop Dogg
Executive Producer: Jesse Wellens for Rose Ave. LLC

Producer: Lee Levin
Producer: Daniel Reizes
Producer: Drew Kramer


Himself: Snoop Dogg
Mr. Clown: Michael Rapaport

Special Thanks:
Doggy Style Records Staff
(Frank Vasquez, Ron Alvarez, Keith Moore)
Innovative Leisure
(Scotty Coats)



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  1. WTF youtube why the FUCK was this in my recommendations never listened to it before wont listen to it now and definitely wont listen to it in the future so please do it right and dont recommend me this crap EVER again.

  2. FUCK snoop. The way he looked with Tupac before he died shows how much of a fake he is. he a snakey motherfucker just another puppet for the elites agenda. u kno what Kanye said on stage was true, but u made a Snapchat video to make it look like he was crazy, but u fuckin know he was speaking bout some real shit.

  3. I fucking hate trump, but this is some bullshit snoop. no matter how much you hate the current president, you don't make a depiction of pointing a gun at them. whether it's a "bamg" gun, or a prop gun, or a real gun, that shits not ok. you be been on some bullshit lately. get to your senses, or quit. I used to think it was impossible to smoke "too much" weed, but you're living proof that it's possible. first you changed your name to snoop lion, then I saw an interview where you tried to claim that YOU had to move out of the way for TUPAC? now your making music videos pretending to shoot at the president? get your fucking shit together

  4. You think that Its just Trump supporters that got pissed, Snoop Dogg fuck your bitch ass and the black president, What if Em put a gun to Obamas head pulled the fucking trigger and said fuck you pig, all the fucking blacks would have said " Ill kill that racist", But you all wanna support snoop because he loves cock, a non stop dick sucker, just call him Barack. Whod you want to win, that Lying bitch? oh yeah Im sure she wouldve been way better..lying in a ditch! They shouldve beheaded that fucking cunt, put her head on tee then gave it a fucking punt. you think murdering the president is the rights of your first amendment.. well guess what its against the fucking law. so fuck snoop dogg, fuck barack, fuck all you fuckin niggas.. trump is the president and it shoulve hillarys head receiving the trigga.

  5. Snoop is the Hip Hop Artist for a Generation. This beat is SO DOPE.

    The effect of the video enhances EVERYTHING in a potentially underwhelming typical Snoop verse.

    Snoop has everyone talking about it… and that's the point.

    He is the modern day Frank Sinatra. He just gets better with age.

    Watch out. Snoop just might end up being President in 30 years.

  6. despite his race, it's crazy how white people really will defend trump gettin "shot" in this video, bring up "blaCk people's" Obama in comparison, but act like Trump doesn't do & especially say foolish things. At least Obama was a respectful person and could articulate himself in a positive way rather than getting emotional & start ranting on social media. Forget the negativity Trump brings, when does he ever say some uplifting things? never. He doesn't motivate anybody, but people who already hate us.

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