Young Draco Exposes his Own Momma as a Crackhead and Says He will Slap his Brother for Dissing Him.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Young Draco Exposing his Own Momma as a Crackhead and Says He will Slap his Brother for Dissing Him.
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  1. My mom used to be heavily addicted to meth and she had a really fucked up life and fucked mine and my siblings all along the meanwhile.. especially the rest of my immediate family…. she's recently recovered and is fighting addiction.. BUT STILL! Whenever I come across any fuckin amount of money in my life (I'm 16) I ask my mom what she wants because regardless moms deserve the fuckn world. FUCK SOULJA!

  2. Meantime all the Actual Real successful artists got the family sittin pretty & keeping shit on the low Nigga just keep embarrassing himself smfh cant fuck wit nobody with this mindset

  3. just shows mor &mor+mor ofhow fkn fake he is,was just usin that sht as an xcuse 2 not get his ass whoopd aftr popn all that 💩!! thn goes talkn bout his raise like any othr reg ol thotty!! go figga,shldnt surprise any1

  4. I see a lot of people defending & excusing themselves on why they can disrespect them mostly are black. They always bitch "crack head mom" dad this & that" Your old enough to bitch about it but don't have enough balls to fix the problem. Keep killing yourselfs the world could always use my space.

  5. nah….. fuck that, I'd give my dad millions before I give my moms anything!!!! You niggas was raised by bitches… that's why you akademiks on this bs. AND the the fact u love eminem for shitting on his mom says SO MUCH!!!!!!



  6. Well where do you think he learned this behavior from? So what about Eminem? He dissed and he exposed his mom on national T.V. Did your mom seriously abused you as a child? and if she didn't then you don't know wtf you're talking about! Some people do have toxic, worthless mothers, who didn't do shit for their kids but make their lives miserable and use them to get welfare and section 8, so until you heard the whole story you shouldn't criticize people on something like this, just to get YouTube views and just because they both made tbeir lives public don't make what you did @DJAkademics right!

  7. damn AK, you sound so judgemental . You never know what a person has been through with there mother , growing up my mother use to torcher me for no reason , I never knew why because I was a good kid, but whenever she was angry at her boyfriends she would abuse me physically to make her self feel better , I would often get the shit slapped out of me just for being around. Sometimes she was kind to me and got me stuff , when she was in the mood. But that was temporary , it would last for like a day, then she was back to beating me talking to me like I wasn't even a person.. I felt like a pet animal, she fed me and kept me alive provided a roof over my head but inside that home terrible things happen to me that i won't mention. Every mother isn't a mother , don't be so quick to judge

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