Toccara Jones talks Breast Size & Hollywood’s Culture Vultures with Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. but kim's kids are half black. and her son will be seen as black man in america. she should use her platform to support black issues when it comes up. not saying she has to bring awareness everyday. i don't expect that, but people who like our culture and participates in it should offer their support when we raise awareness for black issues such as the police brutality conversation that was happening just a year ago.

  2. Toccara is a very insightful. She called out Jason and his criticism of Black people. He can defend the Kardashians bc he met they momma once. But can criticize the same community who contributes to his livelihood.

  3. I always lived tocarra she is everything bring that beauty bacckkkk!!
    Kardashians are disgusting hoes eating off a black mans dick from mama to the youngest and bing a black woman's body. in surprised jason would like them ugh! they are a cancer in our community put em in the sunken place

  4. Jason calm down with the gay jokes with gio….I'm "same gender loving" myself but that shyt is getting aggrevating & your making our community look thirsty af….

  5. Jason needs his own show, no co-host, no sound engineers,audience, or anyone in the surround areas, maybe Then his fat ass can talk himself out so that someone else (guests), can have something to say…….

  6. These fucking idiots are always talking about themselves instead of interviewing the damn person!! Nobody gives a fuck about ur Japan trip or watever the fuck they talking about…smfh I'm out! ✌️

  7. OMG I hate the way they treat Gio especially Jason. I feel like Melissa treats him like he's not intelligent enough to hold a conversation. They need to give him a break

  8. They love to mention Floyd like every second , how come you guys never talked about when your God Floyd said black lives does not matter. He is an excuse for a black man and you all kissing his ass cuz of his money so STFU

  9. This show has no substance. Melyssa & Jason would be better at this if they didn't behave like such self important elitists. Both of them are pseudo celebrities at best, yet they're always name dropping & humble bragging like their the Joneses. What makes this show different & gives it an edge, is that we know that these people have eyes inside the Hollywood lifestyle, so it gives they're perspective an edge and makes their interviews seem more personal. The problem is they spend 90% of the time talking about themselves and THEIR lives and THEIR friends instead of Hollywood as a whole. Jason & Melyssa are Hollywood groupies chasing the life of fame & fortune just like everyone else. They're just well connected & well resourced. Idk why they talk down to Gio the way they do. At the end of the day y'all still struggle to reach 10k views.

  10. JASON cuts people off left and right…… opinion is more important than his…..he tells stories of all aspects of his life…but let GIO try to utter anything remotely about his life…and its perceived as not important…….I saw a Hollywood unlocked episode with JASON…>FLOYD and SOULJA BOY…….SoulJa shut Jason down….stopping him in his tracks and told him…..LET THE CHAMP SPEAK……and Jason shut up too…………I loved tosee him in this element of the show where HE'S NOT the lead host……..don't like MEL anymore……she and Jason talk down to GIO……..and in this episode….she actually told GIO to shut up

  11. JASON LEE: Just because you help black people doesn't give you license to talk about us like we're all ONE THING. Otherwise you're just undoing all the supposed "work" that you do for us.. saying "of course black people" is annoying and fucked.

  12. HU has soo much potential but gay bashing a str8 man is just as stupid as calling an actual homosexual man FAGGOT
    its jz not funny at all.
    like the show but if it was no gay bashing and jason didnt insert his own personal references every 2 secs yall could fuck w the breakfast club.. til then..YOUTUBE it is

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