Shannon Sharpe reacts to Andre Iguodala’s ‘I do what master say’ comment | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe offers up his opinion on Andre Iguodala’s comments about being rested on Saturday night.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe,
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Shannon Sharpe reacts to Andre Iguodala’s ‘I do what master say’ comment | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. Every race has been subject to slavery at some point in history. For a modern person in 2017 to use an analogy like that or the "poor me" attitude of entitlement as if they have been personally wronged is absolutely embarrassing and just plain Sad, let alone a Millionaire Blessed physically NBA Basketball player. How much more blessed yet Ungrateful and distasteful can someone be ? I'd slap the head off my son if I was his father haha

  2. shannon is arguing this from an emotional standpoint. he should look at it from a sociological perspective. but it does not bar the fact that it was an indelicate comment.

  3. Shannon Sharpe and his brother grew up dirt poor in the backwoods of Mississippi. So, he is naturally offended when people make glib remarks about slavery or poverty.

  4. Shannon is so good at using his words to articulate something to where you grasp a much deeper meaning than you would normally. Also, his blue sport coat is just awesome

  5. i think he said what he said in protest.he is going thru something either on that team or some other phase of the business of basketball.he picked a bad time and bad words or not enough words to express whatever it is that he is dealing with.i dont see it as him trying to be funny.

  6. I hate when this dude talk man he always just running his mouth just to be running it slavery exist history happen but who cares at this point because God is in control of everything he let things happen for a reason life is a test I don't see much of Iguodala but being funny by the comment but at the same time if you act like the n word you are the Inward and that's vice versa goes for black white hispanic Chinese the word means ignorant, never forget where you come from and how we got here but don't be your color be more than it he should have said something like that shm

  7. Shannon you have no idea how the lives of slaves compared to freeman, especially Irish freeman during in LA, in the Irish potato famine. For example "master" would not send his valuable property into the LA swamps to work… Why?… Because 50% of those who worked to drain the swamps died of tropical diseases. No, instead of risking their capital investment (via slavery) master sent the Irish immigrants off the boats to work the swamps. Slaves lived in relative luxury while the 50% of the starving Irish immigrants went to an early grave.

  8. I like watching the show but on this episode I think you are wrong Shannon because what was Andre iguodala was satin was that what will the master say meaing the owner you know the one sign the check because they can trade u to another team meaing sell because they are the masters that what he meant and Steve Kerr is not the master he the master right hand man to put the black in order

  9. We all know the league (NBA) rigged. Go against it if you want to. These analyst will pick you apart and dont be a super star.. Your whole life will get exposed. Ask Cam Newton about that fumble in the superbowl

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