Rico Recklezz Explains Chicago Slang: “Foe Nem”, “Merch”, “Therm”, “Dad”

In this brief clip from Rico Recklezz’s interview with VladTV, the animated Chicago MC breaks down Windy City slang. Vlad learns the meanings of the words and phrases, “Foe nem,” “therm,” “dad,” and, “merch.” Rico then explains that “thot” is a term that originated in Chicago, even though cities like Atlanta and New York tried to claim it. Rico also entertains Vlad with his attempts at New York and Atlanta accents. Watch above.


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  1. Any city that use Gang, Squad, Thot, Lackin, Opps, Rockin, "How I rock", "I/We/They/HeShe rock with….", Sneak Dissin, Clout, Merch, "Hit a lick", or Goofy got that shit straight from Chicago, especially if they listen to Drill Music because these drill artist use Chicago lingo ova heavy 💯😤🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. I'm a OG,( SOUTHSIDE) (BDN) & much luv to the (BGDN)  "All As One" . "FOE NEM"  represent  the 4corner hustler. these want to be" FALSE FLAGING "muthers has the game all fuck up & any FOLKS  caught saying that shit, should be violated on the spot and I put that on the my Nation (CIPLE)

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