Nicki Minaj Responds To PARTYNEXTDOOR Ghostwriting Rumors, LAPD Wants To Speak To Chris Brown

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  1. I'm laughing at all these negative comments about Nicki saying this and that blah blah blah. At the end of the day you are neither Remy or Nicki therefore you don't know exactly what they do and don't do. For instance, Remy told Wendy that Nicki was making calls trying to hurt her career. And she saying that Nicki has ghostwriters. Was Nicki really making those calls? or is Remy lying ? YOU DON'T KNOW. You will only know what people tell you. Same as for the ghostwriters, unless Nicki herself come out and say she had people write for her. YOU DON'T KNOW. Yes believe whatever you want but keep in mind you aren't in these people's lives therefore you can't just make assumptions. The same thing with Remy, some people believe her husband wrote that diss for her but again you're not them so it's not really possible for you to confirm it.

  2. St Nickis fans need to go back to school and learn the meaning of hating and having an opinion can't someone have an opinion without other people feeling salty about it. You all are disappointing my generation like foh that why most music these days are trash because people are being stans instead of being fans.

  3. They still mad how Nicki came in and snapped on they ass for not being prepared for her interview 🤷🏽‍♀️ the songs weren't trash . Could they have been better ? Yes . Hell yes . Like Nicki said , she's doing it for fun now . Just wait until the album . Even tho the Breakfast Club has probably made it up in their mind that they will hate that too 😂

  4. I have never liked Nicki Minaj – not EVER, BUT (in her defense)… I totally understand why she's been lashing out at fellow artist/friends & fans lately for suddenly feeling brave enough to come at her sideways since that Remy Ma diss-track, because the truth of the matter is… this is Y'ALL FAULT. It's Y'ALL FAULT because, think about it… there's NOTHING about Nicki that has changed since she first hit the scene (not her fashion, her videos, her songs, her sound, her lyrics, her "bars", her delivery style, or even her stank ass conceded attitude), SHE'S ALWAYS BEEN WHACK, but because this new generation supports artist based on how popular they are instead of how TALENTED they are, Nicki was able to reap the benefits of that. It's Y'ALL FAULT because she was ALWAYS whack, but Y'ALL convinced yourselves (AND HER) that she was talented when all she was (was) POPULAR. She should have never made it this far, but Y'ALL helped her whack ass get here and now you same ppl are flip-floppin' on her. I will always think of her as a whack ass POP ARTIST, but I totally understand why she's lashing out these days. #ItsJustified.

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