Friday Cypher: Don Q, Anoyd, Kris Kasanova Freestyle + Amadeus Plays Live Beats

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  1. These aren't the type of verses you should be spitting in a cypher. Some unmemorable "street tales" shit. These guys need to wake up and learn how to take advantage of an opportunity. The third guy was aiight, but it still wasn't anything great. The first two were complete flops. (EDIT: They did a little better the 2nd time around, but still nothing great).

    When Shia Labeouf is spitting shit harder than you, you either need to get waaaay better or find another career.

  2. The only one I believe is Anoyd.. I don't listen to any of these niggas but i listen to real lyrical rappers and anoyd was the only one that stood out a bit. IMO

  3. Raise the fucking bar Sway!🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯 these dudes killed it. I'm tiiiiirrrrreeeeeddd of these famous whack mufuckas coming up there and don't wanna rap or end up spittin some bullshit!!!

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