Chance the Rapper says He Might Sell his Next Album and says 1500 Streams=1 Album Sold is BS!


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  1. Chance the rapper is a faggot, pedophile. His music sucks, he is ugly and he voted for Trump. Yes, Chance the rapper is the reason Trump hmgot elected, let that sink in. Chance the rapper also hates the elderly, he litters, won't hold the door open for a lady and he wants to bring back Jim Crow.

  2. Thats a proof that people take everything for granted. Instead of being happy that Chance´s mixtapes were for free they complain that he doesnt sell his album. It is normal that artist sell their album..

  3. Chance has always said he would sell the first project that he felt was an album. He's said how he felt Coloring Book was still to him what he considered a mixtape which is why it wouldn't be for sale.

  4. Look bottom line it's a new way of raping musicians and controlling catalogs. Streaming is killing musicians by all means you can't compare chance album to someone like Drake whose established with a strong fan base. Drake is a corporation Chance is a small business so the small businesses always get tax inflation vs corporations that get compensated off your back. Musicians have to take back full control of their catalogs their is no need to deal with apple or labels. Not if you want all your money, if you wanna (sell out) for up front cash that you would've tripled on your own in the long run that's your financial loss in the meanwhile Just deal w the crackers pulling the strings and now controlling your content lol

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