“I’m beating these guys mentally…I’m 6, 10 steps ahead of a guy…when a guy is thinking about round 1, I’m thinking about round 4 and round 5, if it gets to that point…I will go to his body with a shot to his body…shoot the same shot to the body…walk to the left, walk to the right, then I come back,” stated retired undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who spoke to fans during a recent stop on his UK tour. Check it out!


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  1. "Women lie, men lie, numbers don't lie."

    A bet he was listening to Yo Gotti ft Lil Wayne while watching ESPN when he came up with that line which he seems to think is so great.

    Numbers can lie, too,which is why some numbers have asterisks (*) next to them.

    Casamayor at 135-140, Sugar Shane Mosley in his prime at 135-140, Pacquiao 10 years ago, Cotto when he was unbeaten and the world wanted that fight, Cory Spinks when he was dominating, Paul Williams (whose height/reach alone scared Floyd so he completely avoided him), and every other fighter who posed a serious threat to Floyd and he called "easy work" but never fought, then he took on the OBVIOUSLY easy-to-beat fighters.

    Like he said, "I'm older now…this is a young man's sport…I work smarter, not harder", which is code for, 'why take on the big challenges when I can take on the big names that bring big money and aren't much of a challenge instead?" 👎👎

    I do look at the history of the sport and all the numbers so forgive me for not being a raging fan and buying into the TBE propaganda.

  2. Floyd is easily in the running for TBE. He defeated more Champions than anyone else. Probably the only fighter to have that clean of a face after a 20-yr Boxing career. He basically had 2 careers in which he re-branded himself. One as "Pretty Boy" and of course "Money". Floyd wasn't always just a great Defensive Boxer. He was a combination throwing badass with many knockout highlights as "Pretty Boy" Floyd. He fought MANY fighters in their prime and he earned his 'A-side' privileges the correct way. He fought Oscar under his rules and circumstances with Oscar's choice of gloves. He also played the B-side to Gatti and defeated him with ease with no complaints. Floyd witnessed family and other Boxers suffer from head trauma conditions and learned he had to fight for himself because no fan, promoter or analyst will ever be satisfied anyways. His list of defeated opponents adds up to a star-studded resume.

  3. When someone says all Floyd does is run, I instantly know they know nothing about boxing.

    Remember, you can be a boxing fan but still know nothing about boxing lol

  4. I hate how they ask him a question an he just drift off topic 😂😂😂, shits mad annoying. I'm tryna hear about the shoulder roll an he talking bout him mom 😭💀

  5. This is why Floyd is the best in our generation (him and Pac). The dude is a true student of the game. I don't think he's a "genius" in the sense that it was inborn–I just think he was obsessed with boxing and getting better in boxing and learning how to get better. We can learn a lot from that mindset.

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