Nicki MInaj Denies that PartyNextDoor Had Anything to Do with Writing/Producing ‘Regret in Ur Tears’


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Nicki MInaj Denying that PartyNextDoor Had Anything to Do with Writing or Producing ‘Regret in Your Tears’
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  1. Hell yeah rappers are liars. way over half of them claim to rule the game, the streets, their hoods, and the world. Less than 10 % even have the slightest bit of influences on any of those aspects of life.

  2. am I the only one that thinks her career is about to end because after her dating Meek Mill like that was the worst mistake she ever did cuz like now her music is not even the same anymore​. the next Iggy Azalea

  3. WHAT IF it was a song, which was alreday recorded.. (as reference track) & Drake a.k.a owner of the sweatshop just handed it out to Niki after she finished sucking his dick.
    So PND may actually have heard "his" song with nikki's voice on it jus when it dropped & like them tweets while laughin his ass off 💀

  4. I'm late, but I just spent 1hr listening to PND. Is it me or is he Doper than Drake? It's like Drake's style delivered Better….he must have wrote everything for these weirdos.

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