Futuristic on his White Great Grandma Saying There’s Black People & Ni**ers

Futuristic sat down with Vlad to discuss his success on YouTube and his life growing up. He discusses having white friends for the most part and how his black friends were not allowed at his house. He also talks about making money through bets, selling shoes, clothes, and Pokémon cards at a young age. He discusses what a $15k Pokémon card collection is like, and how his mother sold all of his cards, not realizing their worth. Watch the exclusive interview here.


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  1. I am mix race as well and some how I get along with white kids or mix race more then I do with black people,

    im just a nerd geek type of person ho likes crasy stuffs like exploring with my friends abandon places or just haging out in surfer/pop/rock culture restaurants

    and is actully hard to find a black kid that liked those stuff

    and dispite beeing mix race everybody call me the black kid of the group, never felt out of place more like that one kid ho have darker skin

  2. Feel so sorry for his card collection, even doe I don't care about crap like that but having something close to you get sold off like that is hella fuckinh annoying.. I'd be SUPER PISSED Espically when you know it's worth grands, he looked so calm lmfao.

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