Safaree needs $2 Million from Nicki Minaj + Speaks on Wendy Williams

Thisis50 x Pvnch interview Safaree.

Safaree Speaks on Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj Battle + Why He’s Hated So A lot!

Comply with @iamsafaree x @iampvnch on instagram


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  1. Now Nicki's running around talking bout how #'s have went up from The Pink Print Album that 'Safaree' Wrote and Produced! GTFOH That'st all just cause of the Remy beef too. But yeah people are gonna see Nicki for who she REALLY is when her new album drops and flops uh huhh We shall see you barb bitchez! lol😂

  2. I been on love and hip hop , it's fake bro. Lmao , he dead lying. I remember watching film and they did an argument scene with Jocelyn and others like 3 times . It's so real you do the argument scene 3 times 😭, I'm sure some parts are ight but don't lie and say it's alllllll 100% real.

  3. This clown is pathetic. How in the hell he wrote "The Pink Print" and it was a diss album about him & about her falling in love with Meek? Secondly, if he is such a great "song writer" .. why isn't people hitting him up now to compose ?! BYE.

  4. Laid back guy and chill. I enjoyed hearing what he had to say despite being this being from over a month ago. Also love the way he wears that fur. It's too warm to wear a fur but he wears it anyway and brings his fan so he can keep himself cool. When you gotta keep yourself cool for an item of clothing meant to warm you up, you're clearly wearing it because you like it. And he clearly rocks it well.

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