Nicki Minaj Fires Back At Remy Ma, Charlamagne Farts On Her Bars

Nicki Minaj Fires Back At Remy Ma, Charlamagne Farts On Her Bars

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  1. Remy ma and Nicki Minaj are two phoney black females. They profess to be real niggas yet they can't rep their REAL NAME. real/fake females. Hollywood sells the public masses real niggas who don't even rep their real name. Ya'll gotta open your eyes to real /fake niggas. Their parents didn't name them those stage names!!!! So stop saying you real…….. Let me see your birth certificate. Lmfao

  2. Boooohooooo the difference between nicki and most female rappers is nicki is a business women. The moment you discredit your image with a diss track, and say threatening things get you NO WHERE. Only of you hip hop fans that is claiming so much heat for remy ain't buy her shit or mostly any of them. You illegally download then act like you fan. They loose money because of y'all so called fans, hip hop is now a dying industry pop is where the money is. Ppl who say remy won will talk abt her today but will forget her tomorrow. Nicki you will always remember because she has accomplishments beyond music and hip hop itself. As a fan I was shooked by shether but as a artist you realize her whole song is full of RUMORS and it's no good overall vs no frauds she got to say what she wanted and beat Aretha franklin record. Lol so NUMBERS do matter only LOSERS think differently. If you don't then for those who actually have a real job and have certain numbers to maintain DONT maintain those numbers and see if you will still have a job lol but you will have street cred. Learn that mainstream is not street cred 👌👌. Nicki can't wait to see you on tour 😜

  3. Charlemagne not trying to hate on Nikki. .you are to be happy you not dark no more with your bleach skinning ass need to shut the F**k up..Nikki whole album is on point..Remy is alright but she needs to leave the queen on her thorn until she get up on her money game cause she is going to lose her career keep F●●kin with Nikki.

  4. My only prob wit NM is tht she got her fame off other niggas nd sexual content NOT BARS yea she raps but look at all her songs wit feats I bet they most her tops, this my specific opinion tho, someone look it up

  5. Remy ma diss track was corny asf all she did was saying rumors like come in now and the only thing that was true about Nicki brother and Nicki even said she disown her brother for that and I think it's funny how Remy was talking shit about Nicki but everything that Remy said about Nicki.Remy did and Remy can't fucking rap she horrible and all she wants is attention and now that Nicki don't talk about Remy no more where is Remy now but I will say sheater was a okay songs but no frauds was better but I think this is petty about this beef and she should have never called her song sheater when she lives in apartment cause the house Nicki got makes Remy house looks like shacks

  6. i never heard of Remy Ma until she started dissin Nicki……so it looks like she is using Nicki's fame to get a come up…..if i were Minaj…..l would not bother responding. she is using you for fame.

  7. Charlamagne is a Nicky Minaj Hater! I'm not a fan of neither Remy Ma or Nicki Minaj. Ya'll take Charlamagne's opinions like it's religion. Charlamagne is a closet homo! He gossips-chatty patty and constantly makes references to the male anatomy. He should just having a coming out party. He criticizing Nicki's every line and has the nerve to say that she should have said she had plastic surgery from the beginning. He should have come out as a homo a long time ago. He hasn't criticized Remy's every line. News flash ppl, Nicki doesn't need to respond. Remy is irrelevant and Nicki is Queen of Rap, currently. Remy has to come out with a good serious hit by her own self for ppl to even consider calling her a Queen again. It is a good diss, but Remy Ma been away for too long to care. Breakfast club especially Charlamagne is so BIASED. RESPECT for Dj Envy for trying to be OBJECTIVE. That's why I don't take anything Charlamagne has to say seriously. It's coming from a judgmental, instigating, chatty-patty dirty point of view. At least act like your objective. Nicki is winning with her coins and laughing at all of us to the bank. Period.

  8. remy ma stay dissing everyone 😂 she better stop fuckin around before she gets too confident and disses drake then she will be DECEASED ☠but remy felt too special and thought nicki dissed her in the first place

  9. Man I'm going to start talking with music behind me talking, Man I'll be on the charts as best rapper ever… These So called rappers are just talkers they can't even sing! It's the stupid sh!t they do is why they are in the media, put most of them on a stage with a live band and no record playing to lip sing too and they look like a fool…. Eminem-Rap, 2Pac-Rap, all these Others-Clowns

  10. why is he coming for Nicki Minaj for ?. 💯 it's so crazy you said she trash this lady rap her Ass off put 99.9% of her work in her music he hating on her straight up he don't have no songs !? like she said they don't drop diss records they drop hit record!s

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