Ed Sheeran Raps Nicki Minaj’s ‘Monster’ Verse and Talks Remy Ma + Nicki Minaj Beef

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  1. Best Nicki verse ever along with her joint with Eminem. I want that Nicki to battle Remy not all this money, pop record and album sale BS that has nothing to do with battling. Seems more and more that Safaree did help a lot with those records because she hasn't been the same since…facts

  2. Nicki should have used her Lady Elloise voice after SHEther ," Saaafaareeee….darrrrlinggggg…. Don't you want to get out of that tight shirt and write me a response." (then purrrs)

  3. This is what's wrong with our culture when I white guy can get on a Hip-Hop station and rap someones song and the whole culture is like 'WOW, he's really down'.

  4. idk why Ed Sheeran said if it was me and another song writer go back and forth… Ummm you did. Ed's song "Don't" was about Ellie Golding and then Ellie made a song called "On My Mind" basically bashing each other about their relationship so don't even go there. Ed i still love your songs tho. looking

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