Ed Sheeran Goes Shot For Shot With The Breakfast Club, Raps To Nicki Minaj & More

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  1. WHAT!! This is the Best ERASER Live I've Heard!! 🔁 Still love SBTVs tho. I Fucking Love It!! I just really wish they hadn't interrupted it bc it would of been a fucking awesome download!! Loving a Buzzed Sheeran Playing!!🔊🎶👂🎧🔥 Besides this is definitely going into my Top 5 Interviews!! Good Job on the ❔s! Fucking Love!!👊 spud! 🐻⌚ 💙➗✖➕🎤😸😻 …Android needs to update their emojis bc i need an eraser, drop the mic and acoustic guitar emoji lol

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