Are the Cavaliers tanking to keep away from the Warmth within the NBA playoffs? | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk about what it means for LeBron James after going Zero-6 from the Three-pt line in opposition to Pistons.
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Are the Cavaliers tanking to keep away from the Warmth within the NBA playoffs? | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. You gotta give the Heat some credibility here. They are running at the NBA trying to get their play off spot and they're doing it with 0 All star talent. If the Cavs defense doesn't pick up and the Heat get 8th seed, there's no way the Cavs win it in 4 games let alone 5. They'll definitely dig into that playoffs minutes stockpile Lebron will have by then.

  2. Im so glad that skip bayless is GONE from espn. i never watch this horrible show and i dont miss this blatant trolling of lebron from skip saying the stuipidest things possible. fox sports paid this guy millions to come there? ha! another reason espn is head and shoulders above fox sports.

  3. It's not time to worry about the Cavs, why because the NBA wants to let them win? They get all the players, nobody felt sorry for the Wizards when they were loosing early in the season, rather, they question John Wall as just an average player. Wall is better than K.Irvin. The Wizards are coming👍🏾

  4. It makes perfect sense that they are worse defensively. #1 he isn't close to as bad as everybody says he is on defense. Oh he isn't fast and he's white, automatically a bad defender. The numbers have been there all along with drtng on off with love. His defensive rebounding alone is a huge advantage for defenses. Limit teams to one shot. That's what d boards about, ending possessions.

  5. if the Cavs and the heat play in the playoffs the Cavs will sweep them. When love and jr are back and healthy, when LeBron is in playoffs mode, when the Cavs have all their chemistry set and the new guys know the system, and when the Cavs are actually trying to win the Cavs won't be stopped by anyone till the finals most likely. the one team that had a chance at the beginning to give the Cavs a run for their money is the raptors if they could build a decent bench but they are trash now. the Cavs this year against the Cavs against the 3 top competitors in the east are 7-1, which is the best they have done against the top east competitors in the last 4 years.

  6. Shannon Sharpe didn't say "we" are hanging a banner. And yet Skip and the woman (with the most useless job on the planet) both said he did! I hate when that happens to me, so glad we got this one on tape!

  7. Kobe used to rest at the start of the 4th didn't stop the lakers from winning championships. Curry n Westbrook rest at the start of the 4th too along with every superstar. Shannon Sharpe isn't the sharpest

  8. Idk bout that, regular, and playoff seasons have a different atmosphere to it, however what i do know, is that My Miami Heat is making a difference, and there gonna continue!#HEATNATION

  9. Man, I would love to see Miami play against Cleveland in the playoffs. Pat Riley has been building Miami to beat Cleveland. If there really is a god, we'll get to watch both team go against each other at full strength. We all know that Golden State is going to win it all, but give up Miami vs. Cleveland in the first round.

  10. What makes this show better than first take is they truly let each other speak. First take Stephan A interrupts too much and goes a little too personal. He only allows guest legends who come on the show finish a sentence.

  11. I want to kno what skip is saying now since the Cavs players are back & the team in 1st place. skip u don't kno anything bout great players cause your to busy hating on them.

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