“Genaro Hernandez gave me a shot to fight for the world title…when I was 15 years old, I used to have a poster on my wall of so many different champions and he’s one of the champions…they don’t really know about Angel Manfredy…I wasn’t Money Mayweather…I was Pretty Boy Floyd…real flashy, flamboyant,” stated retired undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who spoke to fans during a recent stop on his UK tour. Check it out!


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  1. He became money mayweather after the de la hoya fight. Then he rinsed everyone's pockets by executing a gameplan that consisted of a 0% ko ratio in the last 10 years.
    Even an amateur would be embarrassed by such a record

  2. Well early on he was faster and threw more punches. .I assume a young pretty boy would kill a money may only upper body movement..either way tbe best boxer in my lifetime and im 30

  3. This is like the third interview I've seen recently where Floyd has been hinting at a comeback and I definitely would like to see him face some of these younger guys especially since they are unifying these belts

  4. When he was Pretty Boy, he wasn't making mega millions because he wasn't the most hated man in boxing. Money, was sly like a fox. He made the world hate him, had the best ppv #'s, had no boss, and made himself wealthy. Gotta respect that.

  5. People and their opinions, if you actually get up nd work hard at something you'd be successful but like the other 99% of waste of breathe in America you prefer to bash a man that works harder than anybody you know and also made nearly a billion doing what he loves your opinion means nothing he's 49-0 most likely gonna be 50-0 TBE MoneyMay!

  6. it's funny how they want Floyd to fight anybody & everybody but they don't want Manny Pacquiao to fight anybody & everybody or GGG I mean yall say they the best well since yall want Floyd to fight GGG well how bout Pacquiao fight Canelo oh wait he to small for Canelo my bad well how bout Pacquiao fight GGG ohh wait again to small right well how bout GGG fight Kovalev Ward fought him so I don't see no problem there cause Ward & GGG was in the same weight class before right until Ward moved up in weight so why GGG didn't move up in weight everybody wanna bash Floyd say he scared he ducking fighters get yall shit together

  7. lol! Floyd we all know you got money 😂 but we wanna hear the war stories!! he loves letting you haters know "fuck you I'm rich bitch!" lmaoooooo!! "I get 7 figures a month for the rest of my life with or without conor mcquitter aka tapped out king" …#TBE 49-0

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