Women’s March Co-Chair Linda Sarsour Explains A #DayWithoutAWoman

Linda Sarsour, co-chair of the National woman’s March on Washington came by promoting ‘A Day Without A Woman’ movement.

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  1. She has a false sense of ego nationalistic pride, she taunts her Palestinian bs but shes prolly never been there and doesn't know what it's like to be real Palestinian, fake ass bitch

  2. I would like to see this cunt in a debate with Ayan Hirsi Ali, she would get annihilated! Woman's march? What about the woman's march in the Middle East, where's that march you dumb twat?!

  3. who The fuck can take this women serious !!! this country can't run without women is she serious …please tell me who builds the homes she lives in ? who builds bridges …who builds the streets ? who goes to war and dies ? damm this stupid bitch needs to stop and think before she talks

  4. https://vid.me/i2nN
    Linda Sarsour complains, and I quote:
    “22 States with anti-Sharia Bills trying to ban us from practicing our faith”
    That statement makes it clear a Muslim's religion is their law, and they will
    not stop till they win a US given right to practice ISLAMIC LAW everywhere.

  5. I am enjoying watching the mentally challenged left'overs doing themselves in. It's PRICELESS !! Condoning RADICAL ISLAM in the USA ??? HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH !! AND YOU ARE ATTACKING BEN CARSON….HE IS BLACK !!! LMAOOOOOO !!!! Yeah, he is a FUCKING IDIOT !!

  6. Linda Sarsour is a feminist  fighting against misogyny in the White House? My foot… she is fighting for her own agenda and it has nothing to do with feminism, but has everything with gaining  your sympathy and … SHARIAH LAW! Manipulative, lying bitch !
    I do believe there are Muslim feminists but they don't ware hijab. Hijab means submission to the religion which DEMANDES women submission to the men… so spare me from stupidity of Muslim, hijab warring feminist. Only the naïve fools, who knows nothing about Islam, can believe in a such a nonsense like Muslim Hijab warring feminist.

  7. Fake feminist Sarsour who was destroyed and shown for the hateful hypocrite she is by a real advocate for women's rights Aayan Hirsi Ali – anyone who supports Sarsour is woefully misguided or willfully ignorant

  8. Linda if you really care for women rights why don't you start with your own culture and religion where Millions of women are seriously abused? Trump is your women enemy? really? … give us a break

  9. People are calling this a strike. This was no strike. A strike is when you won't return to work until your demands are met. Strikes have teeth to them, and real ramifications. This is a day off, or a sick day, or a vacation day, then it's back to work and gosh I'm so edgy. Your pussy hats have aquired a dual meaning. Really go on strike if your conviction is sincere. See what happens.

  10. I am a Hindu. I read the Bible and the Koran and was surprised to find Christianity and Islam are essentially the same religion. The only difference is that Christianity today does not implement the Bible whereas Islam does. Islam takes their Koran literally and that is the problem.

  11. She is an effective social organizer but naive about the potential loss of freedoms (she grew up in America), once Shari'a is enforced by Muslims walking the streets those not following Shari'a, which is a law incompatible with the US Constitution and Rule of Law. She is prideful and extremely ignorant.

  12. Linda Sarsour wanted the first woman president, even though Hillary is a known pedophile, felon, perjurer, and criminal beyond anyone who ever lived in WH. Has Sarsour no awareness of the Clinton criminal administration? Linda Sarsour perhaps is too young to know the depths of D.C. Pedophilia blackmail. Trump is not a misogynist, not a rapist. The temporary travel restriction is to protect people like you Linda. Fascism is "the marriage of corporate and gov power." It's been in place beginning with Eisenhower who warned us. Trump is elected to root out the criminal element in DC. Does Sarsour want to change the Constitution to accept Shari'a? Extremely ignorant woman.

  13. Linda can be what ever you want. She is a muslim who is out to implement muslim agendas. Notice how she is talking with a black accent. Play along people and you will lose your rights to Sharia law.

  14. Angie, don't give these racist islamo-fascists a platform. This woman is not interested in real women's rights. Her agenda is to throw the country into anarchy so she can push her islamic agenda. And islam is bad FOR EVERYBODY. Black people have been slaves at the hands of muslims for 600 years BEFORE the white man. They supplied the Atlantic Slave Trade.
    Their pedophile false prophet had NUMEROUS African slaves. And Africans are still being captured, enslaved, castrated, raped at the hands of MUSLIMS. Arabs refer to blacks as "abd," a term synonymous with "slave."
    Arabs are the true racists.
    Don't be a racist Angie. Don't fall for these evil people's agendas. This woman is satan.

  15. Please disappear on earth for a few days or a few months women! We, men, will save lot of money without you! Just imagine how many women on welfare and alimony in the USA. Please go!

  16. Linda Sarsour, supporter of terrorist murders, explains why women need to wear hijabs and submit to men.
    Feminism and Islam. Like 2 peas in a pod. Amirite? But only because both are hateful disgusting ideologies.


  18. The only way to eradicate the barbaric Sharia Law Ideology is for Muslims to rise up against this themselves. People like Linda Sarsour are preaching false women's rights to minority groups to create a following. She does not have pure intentions, she actually believes her old traditional barbaric women ideals can immerse in a modern society. It will never work….and women of all faiths need to  support modernize Muslims that will actually speak the TRUTH of Sharia Law not embrace it and claim its a religious freedom right. It is an old barbaric laws of condemning and controlling people whom do not share the same belief system. This has NO place moving forward in the name of Humanity.

  19. I can't believe the Women's March held Linda Sarsour up as some sort of role model for women! It's disturbing!
    I'm a big fan of Ayn Hirsi Ali. She is a positive role model for woman and Humanism.

  20. Linda is pro Sharia law. Her mother leads the movement to mutilate girls in the Middle East & authors how to do it. Propaganda at it's best. Stop using Black Women & Women who want freedom for your cause.

  21. Linda Sharia Law is all about oppression of women, killing gays and oppression of other religions. How could you attack Ayaan Hirsi Ali. You are a liar. The Palestinian women, LGBT have far more rights than in any of the 22 Arab countries. SMH.

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