The Breakfast Club Talk Ciara’s Maternity Photo With Russell Wilson & Future Jr.


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  1. These ppl so pressed about another man's child. Its sad that people see a loving family and feel that its disrespectful. Where's the outrage when children get killed by their stepfathers? But we mad cuz Russell Wilson does too much positive stuff with his stepson. Everyones feelings about this is more of an indictment on the Black community than Russell Wilson & Ciara.

  2. This really isn't a big deal. I think people are making a big deal over nothing. That man married a woman with a child and he loves that child as his own and they took a family pregnancy picture. Nudity is only perverse if a pervert is looking at it.

  3. I think it's good that Russell is taking his step father and Husband role seriously, but that picture was just way to weird for the public. I felt as if her son was too old to be naked in a picture and maybe if Russell was standing up next to her then I would understand, but it looked like he was eating groceries. I just really didn't like the picture, why not just a normal maternity family shoot and call it a day. I don't know if it's her being petty or what, but it just wasn't appropriate.

  4. This was an inappropriate photo. The child wearing undergarments would have made this photo look a lot better. There are a lot of perverts out here that feed off of these types of images and children. Most of the child rape/exploitation cases are from someone that the child or family member knows. Not all are from strangers. My husband and I discussed this photo and neither of us could picture ourselves posing with our sons or daughter in this type of photo. This is not the image that should be displayed from Ciera as a mother and should also not be the image that she should want her fans to see. It can lead to may assumptions as to what may/ could occur in their home. Not saying that this is happening or would ever happen. Just not a good image for anyone.

  5. idgaf who his daddy is, put his jeans back on and tell your husband to stand up and look like the head of the household. wtf is this "art" garbage? Baby Future, Russell and the damn baby hiding their faces out of shame… because Ms. Airhead got them looking foolish ONLINE FOREVER!

  6. Yo the breakfast club are such perverts it's not even funny. It's messed up that they are sexualizing a baby boy. If u know anything about children u know they are naked A LOT. Russell is his step father who lives with him…just bc he sees that small boy naked / touches him naked doesn't mean hes molesting him. I rlly can't with y'all. That's so fucked up. Would I take a pic like that? No. Is there anything perverted about the pic? No. Those r baby futures parents. His mother & step dad. Future is a deadbeat he admitted it himself.

  7. Mannnnnn I could see if future didn't have a rship with his son but ain't no fucking way I'm thrilled about bout my 7 year old son in a pic with a naked man. Tf you black women are trying to defend a chick that got pregnant by a thug and trying to erase that part of her life by trying to make his son a product of another. Future is involved with his son and I think she's obviously trying to be spiteful because any women who wants to keep everything cordial wouldn't be allowing a naked man in my pic with my son

  8. She should think about how her son is going to feel about these things in the future, these artists are thirsty and selfish and its sad because their kids will one day be faced with the decisions their parents made

  9. I don't see what the big controversy is over this maternity photo. It was beautiful. Let this woman live her life, raise her child and love her man. Future aint shit and has never really been there for his child the way he should be, so Russell stepped up. He should be celebrated for this!

  10. Artsy and pregnant together in the same sentence involving naked children in picture under the guise of maternity. That's insane. She should actually be charged. Some how the people of her town should be able to bring child abuse charges against her and this photo as part of the evidence that she is mentally unfit to raise a child.

  11. CHARLAGMANE STFU…u hate blk woman and you always hatin….future did not wanna b a family man so dont hate on ciara when someone else does..aint nun wrong wit the pic..the baby is 2 so stop sayin he 7 hes not grownt…and u cant see russell at all so stop hatin, and her music aint bad…charlamane jealous cuz he cant have her

  12. There are a lot of warped views and reading through comments. Our community needs awakening. Russell didn't just take nude photos with another man's son. He took nude photos with HIS FAMILY. His wife, their unborn child, and a stepson A SON now that calls him and looks up to him as dad.

    Respect? This is art, it's a family of color stripped of everything and bare…the woman in the middle surrounded by her kings, held up and supported by her husband. There are a few symbolic parts of this picture, but they get ignored if you don't understand art forms and look beyond "Russell nude with his stepson." This is one of the great representations of a black family and their togetherness. Whether U get it or not!

  13. Ciara and Beyonce are two different situations. Jays is the dad to Blue Ivy, and they are married. Ciara has TWO baby fathers. And there are things that Russell and Ciara should respect.

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