Dirk Nowitzki’s Career Milestones (Including 30,000 Points!) | 03.07.17

Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki passed through a lot of milestones, from his first points, to 5,000 points, to 30,000 points. He reached 30,000 points on a baseline fadeaway jumper against the Los Angeles Lakers.


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  1. Dirk is definitely in the top 3 best power forwards of all time!!! Always humble, a team player, and didn't need a "dream team" to give him a NBA Championship Title!!! A big congratulation to Dirk!!

  2. Thu West has dominated the NBA for more than 20 Years lol. Kobe,Duncan,and Dirk won a Combined 11 Championships.West Probably would've won more if Garnett didn't get Traded to the Celtics

  3. Hard to believe… the first and (most likely) only white dude in NBA history to crack 30,000 points. And a European to booth, white American dudes gotta step up. LOL

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