Charles Barkley responds to LaVar Ball’s criticism – Colin Cowherd reacts | UNDISPUTED

Colin Cowherd joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk LaVar Ball and Charles Barkley.
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Charles Barkley responds to LaVar Ball’s criticism – Colin Cowherd reacts | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. Comparing not letting your kids eat ice cream for breakfast to saying your 19 year old College Freshman is better than a 2x NBA MVP is idiotic.  LaVar Ball needs to shutup and stop being an overzealous soccer mom.

  2. These guys just kissing up to Levar so that they can keep him coming on their show. This is why Barkley gets so much more respect from regular fans because he tells it like it is and doesn't care who he offends.

  3. right on! parents are suppose to believe that their child will be the best at whatever they do that includes basketball therefore he has to believe his son will be better than Curry. If you only tell you child you expect average that is just what they will be

  4. Has anybody ever stopped and asked 1 question : Why always Steph Curry? Lavar could said, Lebron, Kahwi, Durant,Westbrook, Anthony Davis, and whoever else is a top player in the world. Stephen got a unanimous MVP last year and every body had something to say, LIKE HE VOTED FOR HIMSELF. I bet Stephen sit around like "why are all these people on my nuts"? Go ride somebody else for a change…..DAYUM!!!!!!!!

  5. What is that stupid dad talking about? "If charles thought like me, he'd win a championship". Seriously who is this fool? I have never heard of him. Did he win a championship in the nba or something?

  6. Can LeBron surpass Jordan? Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless need to debate this topic, go in depths on both of their careers and really break it all down once and for all.

  7. lavar knows that lonzo aint that much of a talent when he starts playing in the nba no matter how good he is now… that is why he is doing all this publicity now because he is after the very first contract lonzo will have in the nba… it has to be huge. and they have to capitalize now coz they really dont know how lonzo will perform as a pro! thats why lavar is pushing it! obviously! no matter how they hype lonzo i just dont see it! a lot of good HS and Collegiate players had passed through my lifetime… he aint dominant to begin with! i just dont see it! SMH

  8. LaVar Ball is a "never was", that "never did" anything, and "never will".  I can't stand Charles Barley, but I cannot deny that in his prime, he was single-handedly responsible for the Suns going to the Finals and competing against the Bulls on the biggest stage of the NBA< and Charles Barkley played his ass off. I never heard of LaVar Ball, and Barkley would have wiped the floor with his "no-talent ass"!! LaVar Ball needs to STFU, and let his kid play ball and produce his own opportunities.  I can't stand parents that are always trying to be in the spotlight because of their kid. Let the kid grow up taking care of his own business. You can be proud of your kid, but don't be the publicity drama queen LaVar Ball.

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