Cardi B on Body Image Issues, Self-Esteem, and Cosmetic Surgery

In the above clip, reality star Cardi B talks to VladTV about the body image issues and insecurities she experienced when she was younger. “It puts your self-esteem down and made me feel like I was never good enough,” Cardi says. She continues to talk about the necessity of certain types of cosmetic surgery and the dangers therein. Watch above.


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  1. I am glad she clarified the insecurities she had while working at the strip club, colorism, and different preferences with dating. I always preferred white or Latino men due to my skin color and size. I always attracted them compared to black men and felt more confident about myself.

  2. Same thing with school dress codes. If a skinny flat ass girl is wearing short shorts she doesnt get dress coded and sent to the office. But it a thick girl wears the SAME SHORTS or even a lil longer, they get in trouble. It's dumb.

  3. before l had my breast done and l wore wat l wore no1 sed anything to me but now l have em done l feel like l have to cover them more because girls be like its a bit hoe so ive had to dress a completely different way

  4. Exactly why I don't support the feminests girls are mean to each other. It's everywhere too but some feminests just want to say it's guys and I think the main factor is other girls. Especially the whole free the boob thing they say free the boob then slut shame.

  5. I can respect her honesty. At least she's not lying about it and talking to people like they're stupid when clearly her ass is fake. A lot more women need to follow her lead, and start keeping it real.

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