Young Thug Wanted by Police for Questioning after he Allegedly Pimp Slaps a Female Outside a Club.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Young Thug being Wanted by Police for Questioning after he Allegedly Pimp Slaps a Female Outside a Nightclub.
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  1. If a bitch trying to fight my wife I'm slapping hoes to df Akademiks is talking about….. He the type of nigga that let his girlfriend get her ass whooped and halfway to the car He gone say I probably should have helped huh??? lol

  2. Money ain't nothing I'll slap hoe and pay her a mill if I had it………. The internet gone say thug was wrong but she came to his show to start an altercation….. Sounds a lil premeditated to me that hoe knew what she was doing she thought it out….Just didn't plan that Slap to come with it lol I would have said whoooo like Ric Flair lol the Hand of #Justice has been served

  3. DJ akademiks talkin shit like he wouldn't fuck that nasty hoe bitch please you the type of nigga to fuck fat chicks and pay em not to say nothing

  4. Man fuck that bitch. Sick and tired of nobodies going online to tell people this kinda shit. Its all about gettin paper and her 5minutes of fame. I don't advocate violence by ANYONE and don't matter if it was a man or woman. All I noticed from this was that bitch wouldn't stop running her mouth, actions have consequences so hope she gets nothing in the sense of money.

  5. Y'all on here with some of the dumbest comments. This dude is gay. Plus these same "fat bitches" y'all talking about like y'all wasn't just beating ya meat watching one of them "fat bitches" y'all boys on here hypocritical and ignorant. Y'all just no pussy getting asses is sour lol y'all mfs stay sour then try to ruin the same girl you fantasize about 😂 fucking hilarious dick heads

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