“One of the best fighters I ever faced…I see why he has accomplished so much in the sport of boxing…the angles that he used…I’m so crafty, all I had to do was find one thing,” stated retired undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who spoke to fans during a recent stop on his UK tour. Check it out!


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  1. Its a shame Pacquiao's shoulder got torn off like that with his fight with Floyd as a fan I really think Floyd is an unsolved puzzle, I truly believed Pac man in his PRIME would have beaten him. But Floyd is way too smart he waited for a fight that would bring down PAcman for a bit before fighting him. He said Pacman was fast and had great footwork that was only 50 % of what he could really do, Floyd on the other hand was incredible he was in great condition.

  2. Excessive holding or locking up as he described it, is a point deductible offense in boxing. The whole point of the rules in boxing is to encourage people to actually fight, not run around and hold. Now running and holding has it's place, but it is not supposed to be used excessively. Which in my opinion Mayweather does do excessively.

  3. look, i dont like his personality, but i dont let that sway me into believing that he is not one of the most impressive athletes i have ever seen. he is a literal genius in the ring, and i dont think i will ever see a boxer master the art of defending on the level that he does. people like to bag on his style because they find it boring or they think he is a pussy for putting defense before offense, but i see the most technically gifted athlete of maybe all time.

  4. I'm a Pac fan and I hated it that Floyd outsmarted Pac.. Floyd didn't beat Pac literally but his style really outsmart Pac. I hate to say this but in my cards during the fight it's 116 – 112 for Floyd.

  5. that's a champ right there, so intelligent…come too close, he locks you up….you get loose he checks you with a hook or simple jab or both! sometime upstairs sometime your liver pays the price….ooooh i love me some mayweather

  6. Here is what people are not getting… when you are quick and are not trying to get hit, you don't sit on your punches. If you don't sit on down on your punches you're not generating enough power for the KO! The reason for not siting on your punches is to stay mobile… Floyd's fighting style and tactics revolve around this concept. There is a huge difference to "hit and not get hit" vs true boxing. True boxing is about calculated risk for maximum reward. True boxing is about going for the knock out (a definitive win). That's how boxers train, to be slick, quick, and powerful. When the power isn't there, then you're a volume puncher or it's a-d-ios! Yet people praise a guy who hits the bicycle, pot shots, holds, clinches, elbows high, and later in age sits on the ropes. Everyone who walks out of a fight with Mayweather is usually unscathed and confused. Confused because they just played a multimillion dollar game of tag with nothing at stake.
    That's "the best ever"?

  7. Pretty Boy Floyd pre-oscar, up to about 2010 Mosley was a very comfortable and vicious fighter in-the-pocket, which speaks volumes about how good he is considering how dangerous in-fighting would be to a fighter whose shell style really limits the punch output and volume.

    But by 2015 when they met, Floyd's reflexes wouldn't be there to help adjust in -the-pocket as fast as he used to. Remember, he had to really dig deep into his bag of tricks to dismantle fellow olympic peer Zab Judah 9 years prior, who was then the fastest boxer at their weight, as well as a southpaw. Almost 10 years later Floyd wasn't going to be able to do the same thing against a similar fighter who has more natural power and has a style that throws punches down the pipe in bunches to steal rounds.

    So Floyd played it safe, technically superIior, but fairly boring in their fight by fighting on the outside, always just making sure his foot was on the outside of pac's lead leg, check hooks, lead rights when there's an angle that presented iself to Floyd, and tie-ups. I'm a huge Floyd fan but I was not entertained, I'll admit. But I still appreciated what he was able to do to Pac on a technical level; I' sure I would've loved to see him do this in sparring (watching gym rats fight super technical in-person is so awesome, but very different from watching a prize-fighting bout at a bar with your buds).

  8. I'm a Pac fan mayweather won fair and square all the people saying manny won are bitter and deluded he's the one of the best fighters of my generation , respect 👊

  9. Floyd is a brilliant boxer no doubt, manny used to be a quick motherfucker but he has lost his speed, Floyd hasn't he's still fast as a young fighter, a prime Floyd and Manny is something I would have loved to see, it would have been art

  10. McGregor just calls people broke bums and losers. People don't realize that McGregor is not special. He just an outright disrespectful dude. Not even the best at 155 in the UFC. Fuck em. Floyd's made mistakes but at least he has decency and respect. A true champion.

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